Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Well, it's surely been a long time since I've successfully blogged, and I say successfully because there have been a few times (few and far between) where I've begun something, haven't been able to finish, and of course, the impetus is gone, and later I no longer feel that my thoughts were worth trying to resurrect from the vast black hole that is my brain these days.

Christmas has now come and gone, the new year has thus been rung in, and here I am at my desk again. I think what I really wanted for Christmas, and of course, didn't get, was some more time off. Not only from work, but from the whole rigmarole that is the holiday season. I really love it...I do, but I wish that there wasn't so much to do in such a short time. For my husband, it's great. He teaches, so come Christmastime, he'll always have two weeks off from work. Sure, I'll give him a few projects to get done around the house, but that's more to keep him from calling me at work every ten minutes because he's bored out of his mind. He's just that kind of hyper-active personality type that has to have the hands and mind working on something constantly, or he'll immediately be sleeping...or bugging me.

Not me. I know how to maximize relaxation time. I don't get much of it, but if I even had three or four days where I didn't have to follow any schedule, do any visiting, or get any work done, I'd be reading. Not just casually, but hard-core from sun-up to the dark of midnight reading. That, and I'd go for a massage, get to the gym a couple times (not too much, it's a vacation), bake some warm, fresh muffins, and get out that paint brush.

I have so many ways to relax, but lately none of them seem to work. Maybe it's because of the fact that there's not even enough time for power naps anymore. It takes me more than the 1 hour grace period I may get in an evening to wind down and really RELAX, and so I don't bother anymore. I keep on truckin' and tell myself that I'll just get these few things done today, and then tomorrow I'll have a little more time and I can sit down for a while. But it never happens that way, because tomorrow comes with its own set of all new tasks that just have to get done.

I guess that's why I've chosen to vent like this today. I'm making it my New Year's Resolution (do people really still make those?) to not give a shit about the dishes so much, or the laundry, or worry about getting every task off of my desk before the end of the day.

So how long do you give me?