Friday, July 13, 2007

Okay, so Canada didn't do so well in the U20 World Cup this year, but that last game against the Congo was a good one. Even though Canada lost in the end, I think that if the team had played that well against Chile and Austria, they would definitely have won at least one of those games, and bettered their overall chances.

Hubby and I went with some friends to the U.S./Uruguay game on Wednesday this week. Seven of us bundled into a minivan to head into Toronto, and though I'm way past the age where that kind of trip would be comfortable, the convenience of inter-car televisions is definitely a blessing, especially in rush hour traffic on the 401.

This was a great game! You have to visualize the scene. It was our first time at the new National Soccer Stadium in Toronto, the weather was cool but clear, and the energy all around us was palpable. The stadium was sold out, and the stands were packed with fans, not only for U.S.A. and Uruguay, but fans decked out in colours representing all teams: Brazil, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, and even for teams not represented in these games like Germany, Italy and others, all served to create a cultural rainbow of excitement. Fans all around us stomped their feet and yelled for their favourite players, and the huge big screen was great for watching replays, but it wasn't really necessary, since every seat in the house was a great seat, which allowed everyone to watch all the action.

After the U.S.'s win in overtime, we swarmed out of the stadium with thousands of others, everyone happy and friendly and enjoying the adrenaline from the soccer high. One of our own bore his Brazilian colours proudly and we took pictures with another group of fans decked out in the distinctive colours of yellow and green, then carried our Canadian, Brazilian and Romanian flags down the streets of Toronto to an energetic bar for drinks.

All in all, it was a great night of soccer, laughter and comraderie with friends, and I admit I was way too tired the next day. I should have taken Thursday off of work to stay home and sleep!!