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Sorry, everyone. I'm in massive deadline mode.

I will check in periodically, but no new blog for a little while.

I'll leave you with some inspiration from some of my fellow bloggers:

Maria Zannini always has great market advice on Mondays, so be sure to drop in on her.

My crit partner Ely will have some delicious Labor Day leftovers at the Vauxhall Vixens on Tuesday that you won't want to miss! (Trust me on this one ) CORRECTION: Sorry everyone. Ely's Labor Day goodies were for Monday--but come on by anyway because she's taken on the Unleash Your Story Challenge for Cystic Fibrosis and needs your support!

If you have nothing planned for Wednesday, then swing on over to Shelley Munro's blog. She's still on vacation, but she's been posting fabulous pictures and stories from her travels. Then maybe stop by my website if you haven't had a chance lately, because I just got through adding some new links to interviews and other guest spots, some great reviews for Immortal Kiss, and more!

On Thursday, I'll be blogging at the Vauxhall Vixens (hopefully about how relieved I feel to have finished my book!)

And for the end of the first week back at school, I'll have another FRIDAY FUNNY right here! (This one's a good one, don't miss it!)

As always, leave me a message before you go. I want to hear that you all, at least, have a life!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

First, let me announce the winner of a copy of Teresa D'Amario's book, Tigress by the Tail:


Send me an email at jkcoi(AT), and I'll make sure to pass it along to Teresa so that she can get you your prize! Thanks so much for commenting. And thank you again to Teresa for visiting.


Second, I just finished reading two books of vastly different styles and genres, but I'm giving my recommendations to you all for the both of them today!

Christine D'Abo writes sexy futuristic romances from Ellora's Cave that sizzle and fog up your ereader. Primal Elements is the story of Ben and Jenna, two strong, lonely colonists on Mars who get set up by a computer dating service. Ben has been betrayed before and finds it hard to trust again, while Jenna has focused on her career for so long that she hasn't had any time for romance. Trouble is, although the computer says they are a perfect match, these two have met before and while the heat between them was scorching back then, things didn't go so well. Their primal, irresistable attraction has just gotten more intense since last they butted heads, but what makes either of them think that that they'll do any better this time?

Kimberly Killion's debut novel, Her One Desire is the historical story of one woman's curse and one man's destiny. Lizbeth Ives grew up roaming the halls of the Tower of London as her father meted out justice to England's enemies as the Lord High Executioner. Broderick Maxwell is one of those enemies, a Scot Lizbeth--now a woman on the run from a very dangerous enemy--rescues from torture one night in return for his protection. Broderick agrees to take her to safety, but fleeing England becomes a voyage of forbidden discovery as the two find it harder and harder to deny the flames of passion rising between them. A beautiful tale of torture, treason, and trial that shouldn't be missed.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So in traditional J.K. style, I went out and begged people to agree to be guests on my blog. It’s getting harder now and I had to use bribes. I think I’ll be investing in Ghirardelli stocks very soon.

But it worked this time!

Today I bring you the fabulous Teresa D’Amario! In 2007, she won the award for best paranormal romance and was nominated for best debut author by Ecataromance for her book She Wolf. She was also nominated as best debut author by All About Romance. Honestly, the woman has no shame—all this stuff is blatantly posted right on her website, but of course there’s no real juicy stuff there—and I scoured that site from top to bottom for some good dirt!

So without further ado, let’s start the inquisition—er the interview!

Teresa, so wonderful to have you here. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? No no, we don’t want to hear the practised speech about how long you’ve been writing and it was always your life long dream to be an author, blah blah blah. Give us something exciting! Tell us about your life in the Air Force!

First, I’m glad to be here! Inquisition and all! Wow, ok, well, the best part about being in the Air Force was I got to meet my husband there. The instant I saw him I thought "better get to know that guy since we’re going to get married." Still not sure why that thought happened, but it has affected my writing more than a little. And we even got stationed together our entire marriage! That in itself is a miracle.

So you're saying it was love at first sight. That’s so sweet...except for the part where you stalked him and beat him over the head with your combat boots until he noticed you too...Oh, you didn’t actually say that? No worries, I can read between the lines.

So what does a meteorologist do in the Air Force? You ever been to Area 51?

No, not area 51, but I can tell ya I met some really AWESOME people in Egypt, right there at the pyramids. One day I’ll introduce my readership to these wonderful people and their magick. No, I don’t mean Egyptians! These guys are a powerful race from another world. And they swear they didn’t build the pyramids! *right, I believe THAT*

What was I doing in Egypt you ask? Well uhm… I could tell ya but then I’d have to kill ya. *cackles crazily*

Gee, and I was going to ask why you left the Air Force. Never mind, I think I got it.

So why is it that with such a background, you haven’t decided to write military romances, or nail biting military thrillers? Instead you chose to write about shifters (hot, hunky shifters)

LOL oh yeah...but I prefer to incorporate military and my shifters, and already have a few ideas to do that, so don’t "go away". Makes you wonder, guys, when you’re deployed and sleeping in your tent, the guy next to you shaved this morning. You know he did, you saw it! Yet he already has 2 inches of hair on his face…Is he man? Or beast?

Oh, very interesting. I can’t wait for that one! So then, I guess this is the point where you’ll get to interject about your latest book, Tigress By The Tail. Go for it while I go check and see if there's anyone actually here reading this.

Tigress by the Tail is the story of Lance and Cassie. Cassie’s a shifter, a tigress (bet the title didn’t give that away!) Lance though, he’s a wizard. Or at least he thinks he is. His relationship with Cassie makes him re-evaluate everything he ever thought he was. His magick takes turns even he isn’t expecting.

Cassie always thought wizards looked like Harry Potter or Merlin, and is kind of thrown for a loop when she sees this handsome man saving her life. Doesn’t matter that she’s able to save her own life.

I toss in a few really evil people, dust it with government intrigue, mix with a little lightning, and I have the recipe for an explosive story! I loved adding in the features of the Moon card into the story – It definitely worked well. So if you like Tarot cards, and you like the paranormal, this is the story for you. If you like intrigue, and mystery, jump right on in folks, you’ll love it.

Sounds wonderful. I think I will love it...but remind me never to ask you to bake me a cake.

Oh, hey you even have fans! And they send you presents! I saw a wonderful trailer on your website. I’m so jealous! How does it feel knowing that people are reading your books? What’s the best/worst/most interesting/weird sort of feedback you’ve gotten from a reader?

Isn’t that awesome? I think I cried when I saw that trailer. I don’t know, I was too busy watching it to be sure, but I think one or two scenes blurring were not the way it was supposed to be. *grin* That kid has a huge future in videography, and is planning to start school for it next year. Everyone should check out her profile, she’s got tons of great animal videos she’s pieced together into awesome presentations.

Ok, back to the question. Now you have to remember I’m a new author, and this idea of fandom is just so weird to me. It’s one thing to write a book, but for people to write me and say they love it? That’s strange to me. (Luckily nobody has written to say they hate it). I actually cried when the night my first book came out, someone emailed me to say they’d already read it and LOVED it.

I guess the one thing that blew me away was when another budding author was so excited about my books she started a fan club! Really! She’s even working up a cafepress store! (proceeds go to the setting up of the fan club and giving presents to members!) It’s not finished yet and mostly just shows stuff for SheWolf, but for me, that’s the oddest feeling. I really expected the neighbours to be banging on my door, torches in hand, evicting the neighbourhood freak, but not yet! LOL.

Don't worry, Teresa. I'm sure that will come too. But I’m so glad that you’ve had such wonderful experiences, and I’ll be sure to visit the cafepress store. Do you have a t-shirt that says “I go wild for shifters”?

Okay, now for the personal stuff: I hear you’re like the dog whisperer or something. I love dogs! (And that’s not a lie, even though I have a cat, and my pet before this was a cat, and the one before that was a cat...)

Oh I love dogs. And cats. Ok, I just love animals in general. I really think that’s why I like shifters – I get to use all that awesome info I know by instinct in books. But hubby won’t let me have any kitty cats *pout*. Ok, I’ll be honest, one of my dogs is a cat chaser, so I can now start blaming him. I’ve trained dogs for more than 20 years, and have taught beginning obedience in three states and two countries.

Also, how does one “dance” with dogs? Do you choreograph your numbers? How do you know what music your dogs like best?

LOL So many questions! Canine Musical Freestyle is the name, and yeah, dancing with dogs is the game. The first thing you do is find music. I choose music based on the way the dog moves, and yeah, some dogs are very particular about their music. I’ve heard horror stories of “Fido” howling all the way through a number because he didn’t like the song! In fact, once I was playing with the idea of the song “Pretty little angel eyes”, and my dog came growling and barking from the other room every time I played it. Guess he didn’t like that one.

When I first started, I sat a player next to my dog and played a bunch of different songs. Their body language during the piece can tell you a lot. My lab likes songs with a heavy beat, which is good, cause he moves with strength and power and is very heavy footed. My other dog doesn’t seem to have much of a preference one way or the other.

Then yeah, I choreograph. I find what moves the dogs like (spinning, weaving through the legs, walking backwards, etc), and put it to music. I’ve not seen a single dog not like dancing, though I do see some who get tired very quickly, because it’s a challenge. We’ve used all kinds of nice rock n roll music. Right now my one dog is between songs, (I’m leaning toward the song Bad to the Bone) but the lab is dancing to “It’s my life” by Bon Jovi, and it fits him to the T.

Let me add, I’m one of the FEW canine freestylers who uses hard rock in their presentations. What can I say – we all knew I was weird from the get go!

Well, yes, but I wasn’t going to say anything (at least not until you were gone).

Finally, the important questions: What’s your favourite colour? Food? Television show? Place to visit?

Color – green! Not spring green but that deep, rich emerald green

Food – Hmmm potatoes. Any way, any how!

Television show – I really don’t watch TV as much as I used to. I do like American Idol, and I can tell you I’m really looking forward to “My own Worst Enemy” which starts in September. I like action, adventure, romantic, comedic, and of course the “weird”. LOL.

Place to visit – That is so tough, I’ve been so many places. I could say the fairy-like castle of Neuschwanstein (the one Disney liked so much he built his own) or the dark mystery of the pyramids of Giza. Both are important parts of my psyche. Hmm, should I write a book about fairies in Egypt? JUST KIDDING folks!

Okay, was there anything else you wanted to tell my five readers? (*whisper* this is your only chance, better make it good)

Uh oh, what do I say? Put on the spot! Yikes! Can’t think! Oh wait, I know something. Thanks so much for coming to meet me.  I’ve had so much fun with this interview. The scary part? Why it’s all true of course! Check out my webpage at

And, for being so nice as to read all the way to the bottom, I’ll give one responder a copy of The Moon: Tigress by the Tail!

Whoo hoo, prizes! Thank you Teresa, I'm so glad you agreed to come by. You're a very brave woman--but I guess that goes with the territory when you write the kinds of books that you do and have the background that you do. Congratulations on your new book, and all the best!

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I'm a guest today at the Romance Roundtable and I'd love to see you over there!

Also, check out my newest review for Immortal Kiss from Coffee Time Romance:

Ms. Coi is an expert at creating a masterful work of extreme emotion and high drama. Her work is the perfect combination of passion and adventure. The characters are intense, strong willed, and unquestionably sexy. Their story reverberates with barely controlled emotions that leave the reader breathless with anticipation. While this book is part of a series, it stands alone as an incredible read. I will certainly recommend adding this, and the rest of the series, as must reads to your list.
Lototy, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Exciting news! I have another author to interrogate--I mean interview.

Teresa DAmario, award winning author of SheWolf and most recently Tigress by the Tail, will be on the blog this Tuesday, August 26 and she says she's even going to give a copy of her book to one lucky poster!

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I have a new review for Immortal Kiss from the wonderful ladies at Romance Roundtable.

Join me there on Monday, August 25 when I'll be blogging a little bit about making room in your life for childhood dreams.

Also on the topic of reviews, a few others have come in for Immortal Kiss since its release, and I'm very pleased with the response thus far!

From Kimber Chin, author of Breach of Trust:
"Wow. The passion between Maxine and Baron sizzles! Their strong personalities started me reading, their depth of character forced me to continue, and their rapport made me wish Immortal Kiss was longer. This novel has turned a historical reader into a paranormal convert. Excellent!"

From Robyn at Manic Readers:
"Immortal Kiss is [an] entertaining read that has two equally strong characters going head to head. I loved that the characters were unpredictable, you never knew what to expect...Immortal Kiss is a book that draws you in and keeps you reading until the end."

From Brianna at Bitten by Books:
"Immortal Kiss [is] a must read paranormal romance. The characters are torn by family ties, and a love that both want but are afraid to take. This is an excellent read."

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


It does seem that we've all become a little too familiar with the rampant acronyms that have become commonplace on the internet. As a writer, I can't help but cringe when I see them, and yet I still find myself using them, especially the most popular "LOL". But my husband teaches high school and I've seen some of the texting that goes on with the younger crowd (feel old yet?). It looks more like secret code from NASA than a conversation between sixteen year olds about where to meet for lunch...It's amazing that they can remember what all these terms mean, when these are the same kids who can't remember what they learned in history class from one day to the next.

What drives you nuts about life in this growing online community?

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Come on over and join me today at Jennifer Y's blog for an exclusive personal interview with Baron, the hero from Immortal Kiss!

Who knows, we might just make a party of it and invite the whole gang. *wink wink*

Also, I've been fascinated by photos of different cities taken at night (as you may have noticed given the theme I've been going with on the blog and my website and myspace...), so since I found some new ones, I thought I'd put them up. It really has nothing to do with my blog though. :)

(By Paulo Barcellos Jr. ( [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)

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more cat pictures

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Well, I thought since I'm not ambitious enough to get in on the "THURSDAY THIRTEEN", I could maybe start a FRIDAY FUNNIES...check it out.

Have a good weekend!

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Since we had so much fun with Deborah Cooke yesterday, I'm over on her blog today, so come on by and pay me a visit!


Also, the winner of an autographed copy of KISS OF FURY is...


Please email me at jkcoi(AT) with your pertinent info and I'll forward it along to Deborah!

Thanks again.

PS Don't miss my next guest. On August 26, 2008 I'll be interviewing Teresa DAmario, author of SheWolf and Tigress By The Tail!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

About Those Dragons...
by Deborah Cooke

People seem to be intrigued with the fact that I decided to write about dragons, although I'm hardly the first to do so. My own fascination with dragons started with Smaug in THE LORD OF THE RINGS - which I read obsessively and repeatedly as a teenager - because I thought Smaug was gorgeous. I halfway thought that Smaug should have gotten the better of Frodo, not the other way around, because I enjoyed his riddle games so much. For a number of years, I also collected the LOTR calendars showcasing illustrations by the Brothers Hildebrandt - you can guess which ones were my favourites! One of them is on the index page of their website:

I think it's the mark of writers to play "what if?" games with stories and story elements that they enjoy. (I, for example, rewrote LOTR as a romance, focussing on all those untold scenes between Aragon and Arwen that Tolkein didn't write. This was a big clue as to what kind of stories I was destined to ultimately write!) Readers, in contrast, seek out more stories showcasing the same elements. So, I read no stories about dragons after LOTR - in fact, I deliberately avoided them - because I was more interested in my own vision of fictional dragons. I have sketchbooks filled with dragons somewhere, although my drawing abilities never approached that of the Brothers Hildebrandt. NO doubt about it - those dragons had hold of my imagination. It was only a matter of time before they found their way to my fingertips.

Dragons are one of the oldest story elements used by humans - they star in stories from all over the world, showing all sorts of different abilities and affinities. The one trait they have in any culture's stories is a terrifying and beautiful power. But it's kind of odd, when you think about it, that so many cultures would invent a creature so similar. That led me to wonder - what if dragons are real? What if storytellers weren't inventing dragons but sharing tales of seeing them? What if there are times in which dragons reveal their powers but the rest of the time they're just like us?

Enter the Pyr, my dragon shape shifter heroes. From this germ of an idea, everything pretty much fell together.

Pyr is the Greek root for "fire", the element with which dragons have the strongest affinity. Classical Greek myth also includes one of the oldest recorded dragon stories, probably the oldest one in the west, as you'll learn in KISS OF FURY. I liked the idea of the Pyr being an ancient species and also of them being a primal force in their own right - it made sense to me to name them from the Greek root.

In Chinese culture, dragons are protrayed more sympathetically than in the west. They're more organic than destructive. They govern the four elements, which linked perfectly to my notion of the Pyr being ancient and natural. I tied that idea into my worldbuilding by giving each Pyr hero an affinity for one element in addition to fire, then having his mate "complete" him by having affinities for the other two. True love should complete both parties, don't you think? I like when the whole of their relationship is greater than the sum of the parts. The four elements - earth, fire, water, air - in union is often believed to create a union of spirit. Perfect. (N.B. Actually, in book #4, the heroine has the affinity with fire, not the hero. It's a neat part of their relationship, but no more spoilers on that yet.)

I also liked the concept that dragons had a bond with the earth that was stronger than ours, so I gave them an ancient responsibility. They usually defend a hoard of treasure - what better treasure for my dragons to be charged to protect that Gaia herself?

And that gave me the conflict between my good dragons - the Pyr, or the true Pyr - and their enemies - the Slayers. The Pyr believe that humans are among the treasures of the earth to be defended, while the Slayers believe that humans are destroying the earth and must be eliminated to protect Gaia.

Just to complicate things more - and make the stakes more personal - I decided that my Pyr must mate with human women to make more Pyr. I gave each Pyr a destined mate, and a period of potential conception marked by the "firestorm", a feeling of intense heat and heightened desire. Firestorms of huge importance to the Pyr are marked by eclipses, and often a prophecy from the only female Pyr - the Wyvern - who has the power to see the future but no obligation to share what she knows.

The final piece of the puzzle fell into place when I was chatting with my friend who is a brilliant astrologer. She commented that we were entering a period of karmic balancing, and that we could expect a bunch of natural disasters as Gaia tried to correct her own balances. This period is one of the nodes of the moon and is called - are you ready? - the Dragon's Tail. How about that? It's happening right now and asts 8 or 9 years, which made right now the perfect setting for an enormous battle between my Pyr and Slayers over control of the earth.

All of this structure was great fun to pull together, but the best part was getting to know the Pyr themselves. I love that they have tasks or specialities within their group - Quinn, in KISS OF FIRE, has the hereditary role of the Smith, for example. He has the power to heal his fellows, at least once he decides to use it. Donovan in KISS OF FURY might be the prophecied Warrior who can lead the Pyr to victory - if he can accept the advice of his mate, the Wizard, and begin his transformation himself. Erik in KISS OF FATE is the leader of the Pyr who has to balance not only his responsibilities to the whole against his own desires, but has to come to terms and make amends for his past mistakes. The Pyr have forgotten a bunch of stuff, through disorganization and lowered population numbers - Erik explains that to us in KISS OF FATE - which means the Slayers are ahead of them on that. It's more fun when the heroes have to play catch-up to win.

My Pyr heroes aren't immortal, but they age slowly until they have a firestorm and create a son - that gives me a wider variety of responses to that first twinge of the firestorm, depending on the character of the Pyr in question. Quinn, the romantic, wanted to have both his firestorm and his mate, but not deal with the other Pyr. Donovan, the bad boy, wanted to have his firestorm but not create a child - he gets caught between his own reservations and his loyalty to the team. Erik -- well, we'll talk about Erik in February. Many of you know that Rafferty has been yearning for his firestorm for a long time, and will be glad to hear that he'll get it in book #6. Of course, I have a few tricks up my sleeve for that - it won't be quite the leisurely courtship he's been hoping to savour.

I could go on and on because I'm having a lot of fun with the Dragonfire series - instead, why don't you ask me a question?

We'll have a doorprize today, a signed copy of Dragonfire book #2, KISS OF FURY, to be awarded off to someone who asks a question. Since we're at J.K.'s blog, she can pick the winner.

Visit Dragonfire online at
Visit Ch√Ęteau Delacroix at
Visit Claire Cross online at
Blogging weekdays at

THANKS SO MUCH TO DEBORAH FOR VISITING TODAY! Leave lots of comments for her because I can tell you right now you're going to want a copy of KISS OF FURY! I've already devoured mine and can't wait for book 3!

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Writing the Alpha Hero

Who doesn’t love an alpha? Really, it’s like...damn. Breathe woman.

Big. Brawny. Dark. Broody. The alpha hero’s got baggage up the wazoo and a big “Keep Out” sign across that broad chest in bold letters that we can’t possibly miss. He’s forbidden fruit because he’s so emotionally unavailable. A challenge. We want to know which woman will be strong enough and brave enough—and maybe stupid enough—to lift up the gauntlet and be the one to conquer that massive ego, to get under this guy’s skin and make him admit that he feels something...something like love.

But while the allure for this archetype never fades, it seems that alpha heroes in novels are a dime a dozen. So what do we do to keep this character compelling, true, believable—and keep him from turning into an asshole? Here are the three main things I’ve learned in writing alpha heroes:

1. He’s got to have a fatal flaw. Those chiseled abs and bulging muscles are wonderful, and a take charge attitude and flare for handling precision weaponry is all good. But he can’t be perfect. That would pretty much be the opposite of an alpha anyway. Give him some real depth, give him more than just a standoffish attitude and leather pants. One of my favourite heroes in all the books I’ve ever read was one who found himself blind—of course it was the heroine who helped him learn to deal with this—and it didn’t take away from the character, simply added a deeper level of humanity to him.

2. He can’t be all bad. Though we love our alpha bad boys, the heroine shouldn’t end up wanting to shoot him with his own gun. Make sure that behind that gruff exterior and shuttered past, we get a real glimpse of some redeeming qualities. Whether it’s a weakness for kittens or maybe he teaches women’s self-defence classes in his spare time—you know, when he’s not flying helicopters into enemy territory or taking out a terrorist with a sniper rifle.

3. Motivate the man. Give him purpose with flair. It’s not enough that your alpha has had some tough breaks that have turned him into a hard man. Past events are never enough of a motivator. Your hero’s actions should be a reflection of what he’s striving for, not running from. What does he want? What does he need? Then make it impossible for him to get it—maybe it’s even the heroine who is standing in his way—so we see exactly how strong and determined he is when he finally achieves his goal—and manages to keep the girl.

So, any other tips you’d give for writing those uber-sexy alphas?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Besides writing, I love to read (of course). Authors of every genre. Historicals, contemporaries, science fiction, even YA and horror. But my favourites are, of course, paranormals (if you haven't guessed by now). And along this journey to my own career as a writer, there have been a number of authors I've met who give me valuable lessons, inspiration and hope--one of those is the fabulous Deborah Cooke, who not only inspires but leaves me stuttering in awe...

So it gives me the greatest pleasure to be able to welcome her to my blog this Wednesday, August 13! to talk about her awesome Dragonfire series!

The first book in this series, Kiss of Fire, blew me away. These dragons are hot, hot, hot. Their world is kept simple and thoroughly understandable, so you can get lost in the action of the story without trying to keep track of the technicalities, and the concept is beautifully thought out and researched. I fell for it completely...and then had to tap my fingers all through the Spring and early Summer while I waited for Kiss of Fury!

Well, it's finally here and I got my copy. Did you get yours?

If you haven't yet heard of this series or picked up Kiss of Fury, stop by here on Wednesday to talk with Deborah Cooke and be entered in a draw for a free autographed copy.

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On the heels of Immortal Kiss's release (which you can purchase here!), I'm excited to say that today is my BIRTHDAY! Now now, let's not annoy the birthday girl by asking her how old she is...'kay?

Since it's my birthday, and since I'm probably in a car this very moment doing the four-hour drive north to Algonquin Park where we'll be camping for the rest of this week (pray it doesn't rain), I think I deserve presents!

So I want everyone to post a joke for me in the comments section, which I'll read and laugh over when I get back.

See you soon!

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Not a lot of people know this, but if you've read my books, you'll see it...I'm a speed whore.

I love it when things go fast. I love a loud, roaring engine. The wind zipping past, whipping at my hair, and the smell and feel of a gently worn in leather jacket against my cheek. And most of all, I love it when you combine chrome and steel with 3000 cc's and 147 lbs-ft of torque.

I've been writing about this in my latest book, wanting to get it just right, because for me there's not too many things like the exhileration of riding on a bike.

Tell me, what's that thing that you write directly from the heart? The thing you know you could describe with such precision and detail, bring to life so completely, because it lives inside you?

(By Monster1000 at fr.wikipedia [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons)

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Today I'm glad to be blogging at author Shelley Munro's little corner of the internet. She was lucky enough to take off on vacation (with a detour through San Francisco), so I'm hijacking her blog! Come on over--bring your silly string and toilet paper rolls!

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Just a reminder that I'm blogging at a few different places today, so come on over and say hello!

At the Pleasure Garden, I've set out Five Ways to Celebrate Release Day!

At Simply Romance Reviews, I'm talking about what it's like Living With Immortals :)

Also, I'm being featured at Manic Readers, so go on over and have a look at my author page, read my new interview and watch my trailer for the Immortals series.

Finally, the fabulous Kimber Chin, author of Breach of Trust, has done a wonderful little review of Immortal Kiss which I've posted on my website here. Pop on over to Romancing the Blog and tell her I sent you to say hello!