Sunday, August 10, 2008

Besides writing, I love to read (of course). Authors of every genre. Historicals, contemporaries, science fiction, even YA and horror. But my favourites are, of course, paranormals (if you haven't guessed by now). And along this journey to my own career as a writer, there have been a number of authors I've met who give me valuable lessons, inspiration and hope--one of those is the fabulous Deborah Cooke, who not only inspires but leaves me stuttering in awe...

So it gives me the greatest pleasure to be able to welcome her to my blog this Wednesday, August 13! to talk about her awesome Dragonfire series!

The first book in this series, Kiss of Fire, blew me away. These dragons are hot, hot, hot. Their world is kept simple and thoroughly understandable, so you can get lost in the action of the story without trying to keep track of the technicalities, and the concept is beautifully thought out and researched. I fell for it completely...and then had to tap my fingers all through the Spring and early Summer while I waited for Kiss of Fury!

Well, it's finally here and I got my copy. Did you get yours?

If you haven't yet heard of this series or picked up Kiss of Fury, stop by here on Wednesday to talk with Deborah Cooke and be entered in a draw for a free autographed copy.