Thursday, August 21, 2008

I have a new review for Immortal Kiss from the wonderful ladies at Romance Roundtable.

Join me there on Monday, August 25 when I'll be blogging a little bit about making room in your life for childhood dreams.

Also on the topic of reviews, a few others have come in for Immortal Kiss since its release, and I'm very pleased with the response thus far!

From Kimber Chin, author of Breach of Trust:
"Wow. The passion between Maxine and Baron sizzles! Their strong personalities started me reading, their depth of character forced me to continue, and their rapport made me wish Immortal Kiss was longer. This novel has turned a historical reader into a paranormal convert. Excellent!"

From Robyn at Manic Readers:
"Immortal Kiss is [an] entertaining read that has two equally strong characters going head to head. I loved that the characters were unpredictable, you never knew what to expect...Immortal Kiss is a book that draws you in and keeps you reading until the end."

From Brianna at Bitten by Books:
"Immortal Kiss [is] a must read paranormal romance. The characters are torn by family ties, and a love that both want but are afraid to take. This is an excellent read."


terrio said...

I just found your review on Romance Roundtable and headed over here to make sure you knew. I guess you do. LOL! That review is great and I hate to admit that I have yet to read this story. But the more I hear about it, the more I want it! Could someone please cram more hours in my day?!

Congrats on all the great reviews and success and many, MANY more to come!

Renee said...

You should be very proud of Immortal Kiss.