Saturday, February 23, 2008

So, I haven't a clue what I'm doing when it comes to things like web design, and online promotions and marketing. I barely knew what it meant to blog until recently. (I never really considered my odd and far between posts here as blogging, more like pointless ranting into cyperspace because nobody else really reads this, LOL)

I really just want to write.

But the flurry of activity around me recently has succeeded in wearing me down and I now have a MySpace page (J.K.Coi) (oh the horrors). And I'm on Facebook (not as bad). Hopefully, you've already seen the website (A thing of beauty-Thank you so much Snorfus)

Okay, then. Friend me please!!


Tiffany Kenzie said...


You've come on over to the dark side... wait we already have a dark path. I obviously am not very original today.