Monday, April 21, 2008


My novella is finished! YAY! It has tentatively been entitled The Trouble With Destiny, and I think everyone is really going to like Sarah and Dorian. They've been my most fun characters to write to date.

That means that I will be buckling down to finish writing Book 3 in the Immortals Series, Dark Immortal. It's going to be tough. Alric and Diana are a perfect, beautiful couple, but their path is no easy one.

I'm hosting an interview with fellow Linden Bay Romance author Cat Johnson all this week at the Linden Bay MySpace Blog, so be sure to drop in and get to know Cat, her Task Force Zeta series is fabulous, with strong, sexy military men that will knock your socks off.

And last, but not least, please visit my friend Alex Beecroft's blog this week, to read my latest interview.


Stephanie J said...

Congrats on finishing the novella!

And wow, lots of happenings! I'll check around. :)

Kelly Krysten said...

Congrats! It's awesome that you wrote that novella so fast.
And I'll be sure and check out the blog and your interview.

Kelly Krysten said...

Great interview J.K.! And I can't wait to read Gideon's story!

Maggie Robinson said...

I'm so excited for you! Witty interview!