Tuesday, February 02, 2010

GUEST AUTHOR: Juliana Stone

JK Coi: Please welcome my guest, debut author Juliana Stone. She has a spicy short story coming out from Samhain TODAY! only to be followed by an amazing new shifter series, the first of which will be released in April, called His Darkest Hunger. She's a fellow member of the Toronto Romance Writers and so I can tell you from personal experience just how wonderful she is. (But I won't tell you, I'll let you find that out for yourself :)

Live the dream folks.

On February 2nd I will officially be able to say I’m a published author. Officially. A. Published. Author. How freaking cool is that?

Two years ago I embarked on this crazy journey and as luck would have it, sold quite quickly. That really isn’t the norm in publishing as everything moves at the pace of a snail. But my agent sold a paranormal romance series to Avon/Harpercollins. The Jaguar Warriors debut in April with His Darkest Hunger.

But it’s a short story with Samhain Publishing that will be my first. The one that proclaims I am published!

I had so much fun writing this short and was more than a little excited when I found a home for it at Samhain. This is the blurb:

Black Opals, Book 1

Frankie Black is a woman in need of a mission. For a Black Opal—a warrior woman who shifts backward or forward through time in order to, well, save the world—the last six months of downtime have left her bored. Restless. And with a feeling that something is about to hit the fan.

Finally, an assignment: save the life of Dekkar James, an infamous rock god living three hundred years in the past. Tattooed, ruggedly handsome and perfectly imperfect, one look at him and it’s as if her sleeping body springs to life.

One minute Dekkar is having the most mind-blowing sex of his life. The next, goons are breaking down his door, and he’s on the run with a woman who turns from lover to warrior in the blink of an eye.

Dealing with the New Order, operatives who manipulate time without regard for the consequences, is nothing new for Frankie. But this time their tactics have a more personal edge—they’ve found a way to seek out the Opals’ predestined mates.

Unless she can save Dekkar’s life, her future will be the first casualty in a battle for the fate of humankind.

Warning: Contains one hot dude with tattoos, a woman who won’t take no for an answer, steamy sex, an ancient Harley and a little bit of time travel.

This book is the first in a time travel romance series. I’ve already completed the second and it’s totally different! Such is the fun of being able to write a story where the setting and time have no boundaries.

In honour of this first release I’ll give away a copy of Black Legacy to a random commentator. I want to know where you would travel to if you had the opportunity. Would you travel into the past? Or blast into the future. Would you stay on earth or choose to travel light years away?

Juliana Stone


Wylie Kinson said...

Funny, my name just happens to be RANDOM!!

Congrats on your first official publication, Juliana. It sounds awesome (I dig the no-time boundries) and I wish you many happy sales.

I see you posed for your own cover... how sweet.

Wylie Kinson said...

Ah - that was supposed to say "my middle name just happens to be Random"

Grr - I hate it when my 'funny' falls flat on its face.
Lets blame the pre-coffee post.

Wylie Random Kinson ;)

Maggie Robinson w/a Margaret Rowe said...

I'd have to go back to Regency England to see if I'm getting it right. ;)

I love time travel books---there are so many opportunities for humor. I remember a kids' book by Edward Eager that whetted my appetite to find a magic talisman to switch back and forth in time. I've been hooked ever since.

flchen1 said...

Hi, Juliana and JK!! Happy release day, Juliana! I'm on board for some time travel, with some constraints :D Too risky (in my mind) to travel for undetermined amounts of time, so I'd want to be sure to be able to travel at will, and also, I'd prefer to travel wealthy and powerful. (Soooo many things happen to the downtrodden at all points in history!) With that said, there are so many interesting times and places to visit! Maybe I'd start with the Greeks/Romans--see what those myths are all about :)

(Don't enter me, please--can't wait to get reading on the copy I have!)

msullivan said...

Congratulations, Juliana!

I would travel to Regency England because I've read so much about it, but only if I could be guaranteed that I could marry an earl or a duke and live in comfort.

Hmmm. Since there were so few of them, chances are I wouldn't be so lucky ;-)

Enjoy your first day of being published!!!


Kimber Chin said...

I laughed, Wylie!
(With both comment posts)

Big, big congrats Juliana!
Treasure this moment!

Juliana Stone said...

Wylie! been trying to get onto this freaking blog all day....damn work cpu's and trying to type on my blackberry is a pain! thanks for the congrats....I'm totally pumped!

and you're so sweet, but um, my belly has not been that taut since freaking highschool! teehee

Juliana Stone said...

@Maggie, love me some history and would love to go back in time...as long as I was beautiful and rich!

@flchen greeks? Yum, I'm having greek salad for supper!

Thanks Kimber!

Beleth said...

Congrats Juliana :D!
I think if i could i would go to the egyptian time. I just love it! With all the hieroglyphs, pyramids and stuff. But i will probably end being some kind of slave *lol*

Juliana Stone said...

Beleth, email me at my website and I'll send you a free copy of Black Legacy...thanks for your comments everyone, this has been an exciting week!