Monday, February 28, 2011

Quick Update

It's Monday! What better day to post an update and let you know what I'm doing.

I just finished up a couple of short stories. They were so fun to write, and now that they've been submitted, I play the waiting game. One was a cool alternate China Steampunk thing, and the other was a bloody werewolf horror. Wish me luck!

Right now though, I have to finish a final read-through of my romantic fantasy, before I finally press send and get it out to a few people. Then I pray while I get back to work on my contemporary partial.

That should take me all week (I know, I'm so slow!) but THEN I'm going to be starting on Book 2 of my angel series for Carina Press. I really hope everyone ends up liking these stories as much as I do (excerpt coming soon, I hope).

Gabe and Amelia from book 1 feel so real to me, and their trials ripped my heart out. It was devastating to be finished with their story and have to leave them behind. But of course, Cass is going to be a challenge and I'll need to focus on him. He's skirting the edge of total evil and I'm not even sure yet if he'll make it.

So that's me for now!

What's everyone else working on these days?