Tuesday, October 18, 2011

She's alive! Alive!!

Chloe Jacobs is alive! How do I know...she's got a website! And a Twitter feed! Not to mention a Facebook account and a Goodreads profile!


If only that was really the measure to go by, right?

True, Chloe Jacobs technically isn't real. I mean, not according to any official census or birth registry. But she's real to me because she's writing from my head, telling the stories that live in me. It doesn't really matter what name she uses, at least not from the creative perspective. But in other respects it does, which is why I'm posting this--because while I'm obviously not hiding the fact that I am now going to be writing under two different names, I still think there should be a separation between the two different focuses and I just want to make sure that doesn't create any confusion as time goes on.

I hope everyone is going to love Chloe and the stories she tells!