Thursday, January 19, 2012

Plodding Along

I've been editing for ... a while. I can't quite remember when I started. I'm not really sure how much longer it's going to take.

I do know that I still like this book. Actually, I like it quite a bit more now than I did before. I think that the changes I'm making are really enhancing character and depth, and it's exciting.

The other thing keeping me going is the awesome cover I got to peek at. It's not official, and I have been warned it's going to change, but I still like it, so I have it as my wallpaper on the laptop and I check it out every once in a while.

Oh, and I think we have a release date for Greta. December 2012. It seems so long, but with all the work I have to do on this, and book 2 ... and the other books on my plate for this year ... I'm sure it will be here in no time.

As soon as the edit is done, I'll post a snippet or two!

Talk soon!