Saturday, March 02, 2013

New Release (Old Release): Immortal Kiss

I can't believe I forgot to post my new release when it came out earlier this week! Immortal Kiss is now available! Go forth and grab this new (old) book of mine. When it came out the first time, it was the recipient of many writing awards, and the reviews were awesome! For those who didn't get a chance to read it then, don't miss it now! LOL I'm glad I have this chance to bring it to you again :)

Some of the reviews:
 “Immortal Kiss is a realistic lover’s dance of longing and heartache; of hope and disappointment, and finally that of a sense of coming home to the other half of your soul.” Romance Roundtable

“A must read paranormal romance.” Bitten By Books 

Book 2 in the Immortals series.

It’s been two years since Baron’s initiation into the world of the Immortals, a task force who fight the demons hiding in the shadows of the human world. During those years, he’s been training hard and trying to forget. All in the name of setting aside his past to embrace the challenges of his new future…a future without Maxine Deveraux.

The last person Maxine wants to face is Baron Silver, the man her body and soul cry out for. But Baron’s brother is dying, and Maxine must honor his last wish.

A vendetta with a vampire doesn’t faze Baron…until the creature leaves Max on his doorstep, her beautiful body broken, her soul changed forever. Now Maxine must come to terms with her new dark nature—and if Baron wants to keep her, he’ll have to explain why he broke her heart.

Note: This book has been previously published elsewhere.