Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Adventure Continues!

(Image courtesy of Pat138241)

This has been a crazy year so far. I did my calculations and since January 1, 2013 I have written 126,000 words, spread out over three projects. Some of those projects got started in 2012 but all of them have been finished--or at least, as finished as they need to be for right now.

I've completed two novels, and written two proposals for my agent. For the summer, I'll be working on getting those two proposal books finished up, and then I figure I'll be busy with edits come the Fall.

In between all the writing and editing I'm going to be attending two conferences this year. The first is in Las Vegas in August. The Entangled team, including staff, editors, authors, and publicists, will be descending on Sin City for a week of workshops and other fun stuff -- If I don't die from the heat! And finally, I'll be in Ohio in October to attend EC's Romanticon, which is a fantastic event, well-attended by readers and bloggers who love erotic romance.

So that's it for me in a nutshell this year. Mostly unexciting, I know. But it's keeping me crazy busy and I couldn't be happier about that!


Katherine Halle said...

Wow you HAVE been busy! Good for you and good luck with all the things you've got coming up :D