Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Like Glass by Matt Cory

When Matt asked me to read his book and do a review for him before he comes to visit the blog next week, at first I was skeptical, I'll admit. He describes the book as a romance at the core, and it's not everyday that I read a romance written by a man. Having said that, I was also intrigued. What would a romance sound like from the man's point of view?

Now that I've read it, I have to say that in reality, I wouldn't term this book a romance. Matt was right, at the core, there is a lasting love story between Rob and Janet, but Like Glass is more about Rob's own journey. As a promising pianist in college, Rob Jackson meets Janet and instantly falls in love. They have only four days together, although it is enough for them both to realize that they could have something very special.

But when a drunk Janet betrays Rob by sleeping with his brother Bill, Rob writes them both out of his life for good. He thinks that he's moved on...until one day years later he gets a call telling him Bill is dead. Not even sure why, Rob feels compelled to go to the funeral, and meeting Janet again turns his whole world upside down. Anger, jealousy, bitterness and regret torment him, but after so many years spent holding onto all of that pain, he finds himself finally wanting to let it go. But then the death of Rob's father triggers a downward spiral that leaves him shaken, battered and broken. And yet one person has stayed by his side--Janet. Can Rob pick himself back up and find a way to forgive? Can they be together after all that has happened, and after all the pain they have caused each other?

Like Glass is about learning to forgive, learning to deal with the hardships, betrayals and disappointment that life throws at us and still finding a way to see beauty and meaning in it all. Like walking through the dingiest, rundown old neighbourhood and taking note of that one house that has a pretty curtain in the window, or a flower pot on the porch.

I very much enjoyed reading Like Glass, and I'll be looking for Matt's next book.

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