Tuesday, September 04, 2012

As You Wish by Elyssa Patrick

I've been waiting a long time for the chance to see my CP Elyssa's book up for sale, but that time is here now and I couldn't be more excited for her!!

Elyssa is the most generous, supportive, wonderful woman, as well as a fantastic author who writes truly memorable romances from the heart.

Don't miss her debut...AS YOU WISH!!

Love doesn’t always follow the sheet music . . .

This Christmas, Portia Jackson needs a miracle to save her family’s generations-old florist shop. What she gets instead is a car that breaks down during a blizzard. Help arrives unexpectedly when the infamous Aubry Riley pulls over. She only expects him to drive her to the gas station . . . she never expects that kiss. But Portia lives in the real world—she knows this is only a holiday fling for Aubry. Except it doesn’t feel so temporary, and the last thing she wants is a broken heart.

Sometimes you have to sing some different notes . . .

Rock star Aubry Riley has no secrets. Thanks to the media, everyone knows about his troubled past. Six years have gone by since his world crashed, and now he’s ready for a comeback. But first he needs to reconcile with his family—starting with his six-year-old daughter. A month-long vacation at a Vermont lake house affords him the perfect opportunity to take a step in the right direction. He doesn’t need any other emotional entanglements, especially not with the bright-eyed florist he can’t stop thinking about. But no matter how hard he tries to resist her, he can’t. Now all he has to do is to convince Portia that there is nothing temporary when it comes to love.

As You Wish is currently available at 

But keep your eye out. It will be up everywhere in another day or two! 


Katherine Halle said...

Great writeup and thanks so much for the link :D