Sunday, September 30, 2012

GUEST AUTHOR: Aubrie Dionne

My Writing Future
Okay, I have to say first and foremost I’m not writing another space opera for some time. I’m going to let the genre sit for a while and see how people like these books. In the mean time, I’ve gone back to fantasy and tried my hand at contemporary romance. I think I need a genre break, and it’s been so great to go back to my first genre; fantasy, and try something new at the same time; contemporary romance.

What my fantasy is about: I’m writing a dragon book about a princess, her bodyguard, and a minstrel. It’s about duty verses love, and the power of music- which is magical in this particular kingdom- verses strength and steel.  There are all the usual fantasy trappings: dragons-which I call wyverns- ogres and trolls-which I call kobalds, underground missions, swords and sorcery, and even necromancers- which brings up the coolest thing in this book- medieval zombies. Yeah, I’m pretty excited.

What my contemporary romance is about: I just finished-meaning today as I write this- my first contemporary romance about a flutist in an orchestra who’s in love with her boss- the conductor. When I decided to write contemporary, I wanted to write something I knew a lot about; hence orchestras. This was the most fun I’ve ever had writing! I've submitted the proposal to Entangled Publishing's Bliss line, and I'm still waiting to hear back. *fingers crossed*

My advice to writers out there: try different genres. You never know which ones you’ll be good at! 

A product of an illegal pairing, Eridani is the only woman without a lifemate aboard the colonization ship, the Heritage, and she is determined her less than perfect DNA will not get in the way of finding love. As the ship nears it's final destination of Haven 6 after five hundred years of travel, images of the surface show evidence of intelligent life on a planet that's supposed to be uninhabited. Commander Grier assigns Eri to the exploratory team to spy on the alien society and return with information on how to defeat them.

When Eri's team lands, tribes of humans attack and Eri is saved by Striver, the descendant of a colonist and a pirate from Old Earth's colonization efforts in other parts of the galaxy. Striver helps Eri rescue her team and they are drawn to each other despite their different allegiances. While Striver battles with trusting Eri, Eri must decide whether to warn him and his people about the commander's intentions, or follow orders and complete her mission.

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Aubrie grew up watching the original Star Wars movies over and over again until she could recite and reenact every single scene in her backyard. She also loved The Goonies, Star Trek the Next Generation-favorite character was Data by far-, and Indiana Jones. But, her all time favorite movie was The Last Unicorn. She still wonders why the unicorn decided to change back to a unicorn in the end.

Aubrie wrote in her junior high yearbook that she wanted to be "A concert flutist" when she grew up. When she made that happen, she decided one career was not enough and embarked as a fantasy, sci fi author. Two careers seems to keep her busy. For now.

Aubrie is holding a contest to celebrate her new release. Isn't this gorgeous??


Aubrie said...

Thanks for hosting me on your blog!

Rinelle Grey said...

Ohh, I love the sound of the fantasy books! Princesses are always cool, not to mention dragons.

Looking forward to reading more of your books!

Katherine Halle said...

Sounds like a great read :D