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I love my antho sister, Stacy Gail, and I was soooo happy to hear that she was going to be a part of another fantastic Carina Press Anthology this year! I have to tell you, I think she took it as a dare that my story Far From Broken made her cry last year, so she was determined that I would be the one who cried after reading HOW THE GLITCH SAVED CHRISTMAS....which I DID! SO FREAKIN' HARD.   

I'm happy to welcome her today, with her new antho-sisters, Anna Hackett and Sasha Summers! 

~JK Coi 

First off, thanks so much to JK Coi for hosting us. We—Anna Hackett, Sasha Summers and Stacy Gail—are so glad to be here!

In Carina Press’s sci-fi anthology, A GALACTIC HOLIDAY, some serious out-of-this-world imagination had to be engaged in order to create the distant world of Perma, the ice moon of Galileo and a futuristic Chicago cityscape.  From foods and traditions to sights, sounds and smells, these three worlds had to be alien and different enough to bring the reader along on a far-flung journey of wonder, and consistent enough that these imagined worlds could gain a foothold in the reader’s reality.

But how do you make an imagined world become real in a reader’s mind?

The three authors from A GALACTIC HOLIDAY put a vast amount of thought into how they built their sci-fi worlds, and each one went about it a little differently.  Come to find out, there’s no wrong way to build a world.

Anna:  When I started thinking about combining sci-fi with the holidays, I wanted to explore the winter holiday of Yule – so an ice planet came to mind. With science-fiction, you are always trying to balance the sci-fi elements with elements that are familiar to the reader. In WINTER FUSION, my heroine, Brinn is from the ice world of Perma. It has some technology but not too much as they are a developing world. There are plenty of familiar elements – people still cook their food, they sing, they go to work. But they also happen to have interstellar ships, cars with autopilot and nanocoatings that stop ice melting. But an important aspect we can all relate to is the Perman need to look after the environment of their planet.

My hero, Savan, on the other hand, is from a planet covered in a megacity. Rendar is an energy-dependent world -- everything is powered and people live for personal gratification and success. While this world is different from our own, I think their issues are ones we all worry about today – our reliance on energy, the increase in the “gadgets” in our lives, the fast pace of life.

What I love most about writing science-fiction romance is that even on amazing distant worlds with incredible high-tech gadgets, things that are important to us today—environment, energy, family and love—are still vital.

Sasha:  I just kind of dove in. I started in space, in Riley’s (the heroines) ship in GALILEO'S HOLIDAY. Space (‘the black’) is cold and sterile, metal and minimalist, and her ‘happy place’.  And since Riley was going to have to face all sorts of things outside of her comfort zone that meant Galileo’s Station had to be the exact opposite – low-tech and crowded. Once I had that figured out, I could focus on the gadgets – the tools, the shields that protect the Station from cryptids and raiders, the food (or lack of real food), the chutes, – even the plumbing. Basically, I let my imagination run wild – and had oodles of fun with it!

Stacy:  Whenever I write a futuristic romance, the first thing I do is make a list of ordinary events that everyone on the planet normally does…and then I try my best to re-imagine what those ordinary events might be like a century or two from now.  For instance: The brushing of teeth?  That would be replaced by a single swish of plaque-killing, tooth-brightening Denti-Wash. Five seconds and you’re done.

What about the daily hassle of popping contacts into poor blind peepers?  Forget it.  In my world the gene for bad eyesight is modified, so now virtually everyone has perfect vision.  And for those who want more-than-perfect vision (like me!), there would be expensive/black market optic prosthetics that would look just like the real deal.  (It’s not just pervy adolescent boys who want X-ray vision, you know. ;) )

But the most important—and potentially dangerous—facet of the future that I can truly see happening is the creation of human-like androids to do humankind’s menial tasks.  These robotic creations—these fake people—are the very elements that live in the heart of HOW THE GLITCH SAVED CHRISTMAS.  It’s a fine line humanity treads when they make machines look like humans, and all too soon the question of what truly defines “life” arises.

These worlds are full of adventure, wonder and the enduring power of love.  The authors of A GALACTIC HOLIDAY hope that you’ll enjoy reading about them as much as they enjoyed creating them.

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Anna Hackett said...

Hi J.K. --
Thank you so much for letting Stacy drag Sasha and I along to talk about A GALACTIC HOLIDAY and our sci-fi worlds!

If you and Stacy are antho sisters and Stacy and I are antho sisters, does that mean we're related too? Step-antho sisters or antho sisters once removed or something (-:

Stacy Gail said...

Anna and JK--You guys are TOTALLY RELATED! There. I have spoken. My work here is done. :D

JK, I love youuuuuuuu! Thanks so much for such an awesome intro, and for anyone reading, it's true-- JK's FAR FROM BROKEN is a five-hankie read, so if I was able to make her tear up with HOW THE GLITCH SAVED CHRISTMAS, just know that it was pure revenge on my part. :D

You're the best, chica! <3

Sasha Summers said...

THANK YOU for having us! And yay for anthologies - especially when they're with super talented and sweet ladies. I feel very lucky indeed! Happy Holidays!!!

J.K. Coi said...

Thank you for visiting, ladies!! LOVE the antho! :)