Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Everyone LOVES zombies, right?? LOL

Coming in January, 2013!!

He who makes wishes of the damned must accept the consequences of releasing them.

When Graham returns home from the war, he finds himself longing for something he no longer deserves—Anna, the love he left behind three years ago.

When a mysterious old woman begs him to retrieve her trinket—an old tinderbox—then disappears, he’s compelled to rub it and make a wish. He wishes to have Anna by his side…and she suddenly appears! They want the night to explore and pleasure each other.

But the tinderbox’s black magic is powerful and brings a price—a horde of walking corpses that will stop at nothing to sate their craving for flesh.

Wishes can’t drive the ravenous dead back into their graves. Graham and Anna only succeed in raising an army of zombies that will destroy everyone in their path—starting with the two of them?

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Katherine Halle said...

OH this looks fascinating :D