Thursday, August 01, 2013

Gideon and Lyssa of FOREVER IMMORTAL

I’ve learned that things rarely go the way I plan them, so here I am finishing off Immortals Month after July 31 has already passed.

But I couldn’t just skip FOREVER IMMORTAL, Gideon and Lyssa’s story now could I?

This was the story I had planned on writing right after the first book. In fact, I did write most of it right after book 1 was finished. But I quickly realized that before Gideon could get a happy ever after, he would have to go through hell, and so would Lyssa…quite literally.

And so eight years passed in the world of the Immortals. Gideon has spent that time feeling guilt about sending an innocent human woman to meet her death in a hell dimension, and Lyssa has been in said hell dimension trying not to die. When they meet again, things have changed drastically for the both of them!

Here's a brief excerpt...

Gideon had expected the attack from the moment he’d realized someone was there. He could sense the panic, fear, desperation and rage coming toward him in thick waves. He was surprised, though, that his attacker turned out to be female and human—at least he thought she was human, but her speed and strength gave him cause to wonder.

He let out a low oof when she kicked him in the stomach, but didn’t retaliate except to try and contain her arms and legs.

She was quick—faster than any human he’d ever seen—and she evaded his grip with every twisting, furious move. He tried to get a look at her but her long, dirty hair hung down over her face, obscuring her features. He wondered how she could see through that curtain of hair, but when she got him again, this time with a hard punch to the nose, he didn’t worry about it. Obviously, she could see just fine.

While Gideon didn’t want to hurt her, he was growing weary of getting beaten up when he hadn’t done anything to deserve such treatment.

He reached for her wrist and she twisted out of his hold, lunging away from him again before jabbing him in the ribs and twirling out of reach. He went for her shoulder from behind, and as he grazed the back of her neck the woman went ballistic.

Crazed now, she turned into a frenzied berserker, spinning in his arms, wildly kicking and biting, tearing her nails across his cheek.

“Damn it, woman. That’s enough,” he ground out.

Gideon deflected her next blow then he stepped toward her. He swept his leg behind her to push her off balance and followed her down.

They hit the ground, Gideon on top. He tried to hold her still as he straddled her slight frame. Forced to lock her wrists in both his hands, he stretched them above her head. Though she had yet to make a sound, she continued to fight, writhing and twisting beneath him, bucking her hips in an attempt to push him off.

“Jesus Christ. Be still, won’t you? I’m not going to hurt you.” It was as if he hadn’t spoken, or she hadn’t heard.

He transferred her hands to one of his so he could push aside the dirty and matted veil of hair from her face. It was impossible to tell what color it was, but as her face was revealed and he stared into those desperate green eyes, he knew that when clean her hair would burn. A brilliant, stunning red.


Her eyes feral with fear and rage, the woman was his past come back to haunt him.

I hope you enjoyed it! I've been blessed to have received amazing reviews for all of the IMMORTALS series, and this one from LASR recently was wonderful! 

"It was awesome, plain and simple. I loved it from start to finish. Ms. Coi pens deeply moving characters that stole their way into my soul. The action is heart-pounding, the sex scenes are smoking hot, and her Immortals are true warriors that won my trust, my respect, and my love."

In fact, FOREVER IMMORTAL is up for "Best Book of the Month" and voting is this weekend. If you like the review, I would appreciate your vote very much!