Friday, June 13, 2008

In this writer's home lives a soccer fan, or two, or three. And what better time for soccer fans than a year which hosts a World or Euro Cup tournament! And yes, before you ask, this is an Italy household. What else? Azzurri all the way!

So, I've been to my fair share of soccer games, first as the girlfriend/wife of a man who plays, then as the mother/chauffer of a boy who plays. Now, I'm not going to say that there's no excitement along the grassy sidelines as I sit in my foldable lawnchair, but I will admit that I always have a book with me, and a large double/double. It takes skill, but after more than ten years, I have now mastered the ability to read and pay just enough attention to the game, so that I always know when my son or husband has the ball and is running in for a great shot on the net. Ah, but there's something different about a game that is played in a large open-air stadium with thousands of crazy, screaming fans surrounding you. (And that's not to diminish the enjoyment that I get from watching my son run around the field with that crazy smile on his face chasing the butterflies.)

We haven't been lucky enough (or crazy enough) to go to an actual tournament in Europe. We missed Germany in 2006 and we're definitely not in Switzerland now, or I wouldn't have bothered with this blog other than to say nana nana boo boo! But we did catch a few of the U20 World Cup games last year since they were held here in Canada. Toronto has a beautiful, beautiful new stadium and the one night we went to watch the game (U.S./Uruguay) the weather was clear and hot, and the stands were packed and overflowing with fans. I know it doesn't compare to any of the Euro games going on right now, but it was totally cool. I still brought my book, but I didn't read a word.

Anyway, the point of all this is really just to mention that the only thing which has me disappointed in this year's soccer games is the fact that England didn't make the cut. Italy fan or no, I would definitely be watching more soccer if my boy Beckham was playing.

I lurve Beckham...Oh, VIVA ITALIA!


Maggie Robinson said...

We are American football fans (husband played/coached, son played).Daughter #3 played soccer because her friends did and didn't really like it, son played also before he switched to football).I sat and watched everything (wrestling,soccer, basketball,cheerleading, softball,Xcountry, track, tennis---very sporty, my kids,unlike their mother who can barely walk straight). Somewhere online I saw a montage of Beckham's hairstyles---will see if I can send it to you so you can look at his head instead of his package. :)

J.K. Coi said...

Don't want to look at his hairstyles, Maggie. I'm perfectly happy with the package.

J.K. Coi said...

Besides, it's the no hair that makes him all aerodynamic and super fast doncha know? :)

Shelley Munro said...

Beckham visited NZ last year. I didn't see him in person, but was really impressed with the TV coverage I saw. I think the press are a bit harsh sometimes. He had oodles of charm.

I'm more of a rugby fan, but I admire the footballers' ball skills.

Stephanie J said...

Soccer fans unite!!!! I've played soccer for my whole life and I just LOVE the game. I still remember the bitterness over my friends who got to go to a World Cup game during their trip to Europe.

Oddly enough, I don't have a favorite team...I just love watching it! :)

J.K. Coi said...

Shelley, I love Beckham. Every time I see him play, I'm more impressed. And every time I see him on television for something or another, I'm also impressed. He's more than your average jock, that's for darn sure.

Stephanie! Yay, thanks for stopping by. I know what you mean about being jealous. Friends of mine are in Austria now, and they went to Germany for the World's two years ago too. Talk about spoiled!