Thursday, July 31, 2008


Immortal Kiss is finally available...TOMORROW!

I will be blogging at a few different places tomorrow and I hope you'll join me there to help me celebrate release day!

Drop by the Pleasure Garden, of course, for our release day party!

But I'll also be over at Simply Romance Reviews, talking about what it's like Living With Immortals :)

Also, I'm the featured author at Manic Readers, so go have a look at my author page, read my new interview and watch my trailer for the Immortals series.

Hopefully I'll see you around! I'm so excited and I want to share it with you. But before you go, let me leave you with a little teaser for Immortal Kiss with a never-before-seen excerpt:

This second book in the Immortals series is Baron’s story. In Book 1, he was a newly-turned Immortal, but by the time we get to his story, he’s completely embraced his new life, and left the old one behind without a second thought. That is until the only woman who's ever really gotten under his skin is dumped on his doorstep one night by the vampire he's been hunting.

She put a hand to his chest in a lame effort to push him back and put distance between them, which he wholly ignored, stepping even closer into her personal space. Baron had always been a very physical person. He had played sports constantly, his body always in motion—almost as if he’d been given an extra dose of energy to make up for what his brother lacked.

Now all of that physical presence was concentrated on her, transformed into blistering, crackling, hot sexual energy. Her fingers curled around the soft cotton of his shirt. “Baron—”

“Max—” he mimicked, his voice deep and husky and so damn sexy.

He was close. So close.

She was going to push him away now. Wasn’t she?

Apparently not soon enough to avoid being kissed. Her body tensed with the initial contact of his mouth against hers. It was a sizzling, wet kiss that ignited a fever in her blood, but he was gentle, almost careful with her as if he half expected to get kneed in the groin.

Which was exactly what she should do.

When it came to this man, though, Max had never operated on “should”. Baron had always been her one and worst weakness, the addiction she may never kick no matter how long and hard she tried.

Her lips were opening of their own accord under his gentle but insistent pressure. Damn, this was dangerous.

So freaking dangerous.

From Linden Bay Romance!


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Can't wait for Baron's story to release! YAY!!!!!


The party's just begun!!!