Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tomorrow please come join me here for my special guest author Meg Benjamin, who will be sharing with us her take on using pop culture references in our work.


First Review for Dark Immortal

I was so excited to receive the first review for Dark Immortal in my inbox yesterday afternoon from fellow author and reviewer Kimber Chin. She told me what a "stinker" I am for making her cry (he he he), but offered to give me this quote, which I'm happy to share:

"If you and your husband met today as strangers, would you fall in love again? That is the gripping question Dark Immortal asks. And wowsers, does it ask it well. The story of Alric and Diana's rekindled romance had this cynical businesswoman bawling her eyes out. Dark Immortal is THAT emotionally satisfying."

This has made my week, thank you!


Kimber Chin said...

Well, reading Dark Immortal made my week so we're even.

This novel rocked it!