Friday, February 27, 2009

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I'm Sick!

Can you hear the plaintive whine from wherever you are?

I'm such an awful sick person, miserable and helpless. But really, I am on the verge of dying and all, so cut me some slack.

Part of the reason I hate it so much is because I don't get sick very often. Not like this. Maybe once a year--if that. I can't remember feeling like this in a LONG time. (more whining)

So you're wondering now if this is the only purpose of my blog today and I guess...yes. Yes it is. I'm too foggy to think of anything meaningful to write, especially since this last week has been so busy that now I've fallen even further behind schedule. Don't be surprised if you are reading Forever Immortal a while from now and all of a sudden all the characters are hacking up a lung and fall into bed with a fever of 106 instead of falling into bed for any other reason.


Honoria Ravena said...

I'm sorry you're sick. I know how you feel. I had a terrible illness like two weeks ago. I wouldn't even check my email. I just laid in bed, because I couldn't lay on the couch because it caused muscles to cramp. It was like four days before I could sit up long enough to check my email. And then I coughed for like seven days. Lol, that would be funny if you made your characters deathly ill. Probably not good for furthering your plot though. I hope you get better faster than I did!

Anonymous said...

Aw.I hope you feel better soon!
Maybe you can start a new theme in the publishing industry? :)

Shelley Munro said...

Oh, JK! Get better soon. I hate getting sick. Luckily it doesn't happen to me very often either.

Amy Ruttan said...

Sorry you're sick, but you sound a wee bit like a man there. ROFL. Just kidding.

Get better.