Monday, May 04, 2009

GUEST AUTHOR: N.D. Hansen-Hill

Hi, J.K.! Thank you for inviting me to your blog.

My name is Norah, otherwise known as N. D. Hansen-Hill and Melody Knight. Yes, I'm a writer, author of 43 novels and novellas in the SF/Fantasy/Horror/Romance/Paranormal genres, 42 of which have now been contracted. I've been really lucky in this regard, with 11 lovely publishers, and the opportunity to meet scores of amazing fellow authors.

As I'm sitting here at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning, I can hear the nightclubs roaring outside, remnants of wild evenings out. Karaoke is maybe 2, 3 blocks away, while other people are laughing as they stroll past beneath my balcony. The trucks are going around now, collecting glass for recycling, and judging from the loud tinkle and crash, it was a jolly night. Me? I'm more of a vicarious party animal, who enjoys strutting to the shops late at night, mingling, but not really a part of the action. The richness of the scene stays with me, from the laughs, blaring music, shouts, to the coarse language and staggers. More than once I've been propositioned on this street, which bothers my kids but which I find rather refreshing. The Ladies of the Evening lurk on the opposite corner most fair weather nights. Working girls, just trying to make a living. All genders, including trans-genders, and d*mmit, if most of them don't look better than I do, even at my best. It's one of the reasons it's rather a high when one of their "clients" mistakes me. No thanks—not my scene—but thanks, anyway.

Interesting how our tastes and boundaries change as we do. There were times I would never have considered reading an erotic novella—until I wrote one, of course. My very first sex scene was sooo difficult for me, and I'd always minimize the page when any of my children, even the older ones, came in the room. Their lives have been so much wilder than mine, but I've learned from their experiences, and in my writing I've learned to jump some of those barricades. Don't be afraid to try new things. It's not always important to be "safe."

That doesn't mean I want to share any of this writing with my offspring. I don't need their approval in this regard, which is okay with us both! They're happy thinking that they know more than I do and I'm quite happy not being told what I've done wrong. Surprisingly enough, it's my 16-year-old who brags to her friends that her mother writes erotic romance. It's the shock value, of course, and since I'm so timid about these books, the covers are the only thing she ever sees.

As a parent, I do worry a bit. I still recall, before I began writing romance, a parent refusing to allow his child to play with mine because I was a horror writer! Did he think I kept axes hidden in the broom closet, and bred weird species of man-eating frogs in my swimming pool? That was the first time I ever realized the power authors have to influence and disturb, not always in a good way.

At the moment, I've finished with tons of edits and am now longing to paint. I want to get back to it, but painting is one of those things I'm not confident about. I wish I knew how to view something—anything—as a "hobby". With me, it's 40 books, or 500 paintings. Every time someone says, "nice to have a hobby," I bristle and want to run home and prep for an exhibition. Writers and artists are very strange people, LOL!

So far this year, Artifact, Bane of his Existence, and Gray Beginnings have been released, with A Kiss for Luck, Art & Soul, Relic, A Spirited Exchange, Dink, A La Wolf, Burnt Amethyst, BoneSong, Crystal Dreams, BloodWorks, and Star Fire yet to come.

It's going to be a very busy year!

Thanks again, J.K.!

Regards, and best wishes,
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J.K. Coi said...

Hi Norah!
Every time I talk to you, you have a hundred different things on the go! Congratulations on all your upcoming releases.

Can you tell us how you make time for it all?