Saturday, May 09, 2009

Vacation Reading List

Well, I'm off!! Hasta la vista babes. Arrivederci per ora. Voyez-toi plus tard.

Of course, first on my list of vacation reads is going to be JR Ward’s Lover Avenged. Without going into my disappointment at having to purchase a hardcover copy of this book, I’ll just tell you how excited I am for Rehvenge’s instalment. I have enjoyed this series very much—notwithstanding a few hiccups—and this paperweight is going to be the perfect lounging under the palm tree book! The good thing is, I’m not likely to fall asleep while reading it, which significantly lessens the chances of the book smacking me in the face by dropping out of my hands.

I’m also bringing Suzanne Brockmann’s Into The Fire—what looks to be another action-packed tale in this series of strong, studly Navy Seals. I’ve loved Murphy’s character from the very first few books, and I ached for his loss when his wife died. It will be interesting to see what journey Ms. Brockmann follows him on before he is able to achieve his happy ever after—but whatever form the path takes will not be an easy one, of that I am certain.

On ebook I have Somber Resplendence by Mandy M. Roth. Mainly because I hadn’t read any of her books before, and thought I’d give one a try. This looks to be a very cool fantasy, and I can’t wait to get into it.

Unfortunately, for a week’s vacation, that’s about as much as I’m going to read, since it’s my intention to finish WRITING my book, and I’m looking for as few distractions as possible.

What are you reading this week?
Talk to you soon!


Maggie Robinson said...

Have tons of fun! I'm reading Suzanne Enochs's Always a Scoundrel, which is so good it's making me want to read rather than write. I should throw it out the window. :)

Leah Braemel said...

OMG JK! Our tastes are so alike. I just finished JR's LA - though I bought it as an ebook as I refuse to buy the HC version. (Why suddenly switch formats, midseries?) And I'm currently reading Into the Fire - it's my first Suzanne Brockmann that I picked up on a whim because I'd heard how good she is. And they were right.

Enjoy your vacation!