Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Forever Immortal Launch Party

Join me at Bitten By Books June 17, 2009 for an awesome New Release Party, Chat and Contest!

Prize 1: A Sony Cyber-shot 10.1 megapixel digital camera (valued at $249.00), a print copy of Immortal Kiss and a free download of Forever Immortal

Prize 2: A $25.00 gift certificate for Amazon.com, and a free download of Forever Immortal

Prize 3: A free download of Forever Immortal
Contest open to readers worldwide.

Forever becomes a lot more complicated when you’re immortal...

An Excerpt:

Gideon knew he would need a direct shot to the demon’s black heart to send the thing to the Abyss, but Lyssa lurched sluggishly between him and the monster, faltering as she tried to get to her feet. Dazed, her gaze was wide and unfocused. A dark line of blood ran down her face from a nasty gash in her temple. Gideon couldn’t do it. He wasn’t confident enough in his aim to point his gun right at her and hope he would be able to make a shot that would send a bullet whizzing barely an inch from her head.

“Lyssa, honey, come on. Look at me.” Gideon reached for her, urging her to take his hand as she lifted her head. At the same time, he raised his gun and took aim at the raging demon. “Hurry, baby, come to me.”

Lyssa’s bright eyes cleared a little as she finally focused on him. Steadying herself with brave determination but obvious difficulty, she took his outstretched hand.

As soon as Gideon had a grip on her, he jerked her to him and pulled the hair trigger of the gun. His barrel was targeted right at the demon’s heart, but at the last moment, everything went wrong. The world slowed. The Scelero reached out, digging its claws deep into Lyssa’s neck and shoulder, sinking into her and pulling her back.

Lyssa’s scream of agony resounded in the depths of his soul.

“Ah, God. Lyssa, don’t let go,” he begged, tightening his grip over her arm at the same time that his round tore its way into the demon’s chest.

Gideon couldn’t hold on. Her slim fingers were grimy with sweat and dirt. He looked deeply into her glistening green eyes, his grip slipping.

She didn’t beg him to save her, didn’t say a word. But he saw the frightened plea in her pain-filled eyes.

The demon tore her from him, its roar of triumph echoing into the night. Just before they both disappeared in a blinding flash of green light and a loud crack of thunder, it uttered, “Mine.”

Oh no. What have I done?

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