Friday, June 19, 2009

Knee Deep in the Puddle of Promo!

I'm very excited to say that I've been getting great feedback about Forever Immortal which was released this Tuesday. I was also surprised to hear from one of my sweetest fans--she always has great things to say about my books, but I usually don't hear from her so soon! And this time she almost made me cry her words were so nice!

I still get nervous when I have a new book coming out. I start biting my nails and I don't get any sleep. I can't think and I can't write. That first letter from a reader is crucial to my mental wellbeing--and my manicure.

So now I'm very relieved and super excited! Thank you again to all of you for such amazing support for this series!

I hope you'll all join me over at Emily Bryan's blog today, author of the wonderful book Vexing the Viscount!

Oh, and because it's Friday, I'm going to share...I've found a new tv show--Patrick Swayze is great in it, and Travis Fimmel is such a cutie! (I like him much better without the girly long hair)