Saturday, December 05, 2009

New Stuff!!

I LOVE new stuff. I'm seriously a kid at heart. And this week I just got two great new "toys"!!

The first is a digital camera. I've never had one before. Every time I want to send pictures to family by email or post some here on the blog, I always had to beg other people to take pictures for me on their digital cameras or get one of those Kodak CD's made at the store when I have the film developed. It started costing a lot of money!

Well recently I realized that I had all these airmiles that I'd been collecting for years and never used them for anything, so one of the things I decided to get was a camera! You don't know how proud of myself I am that it cost me absolutely NO real money :) And it's AWESOME! I'm having so much fun with it, and the first thing I did was take a picture of my writing space here at home. It's a cozy chair in my favorite corner, with a big window to one side and a nice little table for my coffee on the other. Wanna see?

The other thing I took a picture of was the new mattress and box spring for our bed. We had been sleeping on the old one for way too long and both hubby and I had been experiencing back and neck aches and pains, so decided it was past time.

It's HUGE! It didn't look that big in the store, but when we got it home and put it on our bed frame, we realized the top of the mattress is almost three feet off the ground. When I'm sitting on it, my feet don't even come close to touching carpet. I LOVE IT! :)

So I'm a sucker for new stuff, and it's not even Christmas. (Actually, the bed pretty much IS Christmas for hubby and me--and the next couple of birthdays.)


Maggie Robinson w/a Margaret Rowe said...

Gorgeous! I love peeks into other people's houses---that's why I became a Realtor for 8 yeras, LOL. Be careful on that new bed. ;)

Amy Ruttan said...

Oooh nice bed. You had an e-reader but not a digital camera? LOL!

RKCharron said...

Hi JK :)
Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. The bed looks so comfy I felt like nodding off just looking at it.
All the best,