Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Weekend

It's been a busy week, and when that happens, I always look forward to the weekend, hoping to be able to relax and wind down...but that really never seems to happen because the weekends are filled with another kind of busy.

Do you ever feel as if there's no room in the hectic schedule to break free of it and try something new? Something different?

That's why, no matter how busy we are, our family makes it a point to set aside at least a weekend a month to do something exciting together--okay maybe not exciting, we're not bungee jumping or anything, but you know what I mean...

One weekend it was a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge (wheeeeee!!), and then the next weekend it was a weekend doing nothing but watching movies and playing Wii together, then another one of camping in the backyard and a bonfire with roasted marshmallows (we had to recover from the cost of the GWL excursion). This weekend is my son's lacrosse tournament, so I will be spending the weekend in an arena--it may not seem very special or exciting, but I love to watch him play, and I love watching the other kids and the parents. It's also one of the few chances I get to just sit back with no responsibilities, absolutely nothing to get done, but be there cheering kiddo on. And it is definitely a break from the routine.

What are your weekend plans? What do you like to do to break away from the everyday?