Friday, July 19, 2013

Absolute Justice

Immortal Kiss is book 2 of the Immortals Series, and one of Baron and Max’s trials comes when they come face to face with the vampire enforcer, a dude who only goes by the name Justice.


He’s a cold, hard, immortal prick who pretty much decides which vampires live and which vampires die, based on a few hard fast vampire rules like whether or not they have the “Taint” – which basically means that a vampire has taken blood from an unwilling host.


When I first introduced readers to Justice, I had considered him to be a strictly secondary character who probably wouldn’t show up in the Immortal world again because the focus of the series isn’t really on the vampires of the world, but the demons who invade it.


But the response to Justice was huge and I decided to give him another chance. So, although I’m not finished with his book just yet, here is a working blurb…


Justice is the last of his kind—a vampire Enforcer. His job is to police the vampire community and uphold its laws, a position that has served him well for thousands of years…until he may have to enforce the woman he’d once loved long ago, when they were both young, both innocent, both human.


Miranda has been running from the very person who once professed to love her, a man she hasn’t been able to eradicate from her mind or her heart even though she knows that they are on opposite sides of the only law that matters—His.


When a great evil threatens all vampires, rules, law, and justice go out the window…and everyone will have to work together. But will it be enough to erase everything that has come between Justice and Miranda? Will it be enough to save them?