Thursday, July 25, 2013

Alric and Diana of DARK IMMORTAL

First of all, my apologies! This week got away from me, so poor Alric and Diana from book 3, Dark Immortal, aren’t getting the attention they deserve during Immortals Month.  

Because Oh. My. God. They totally deserve the attention.

Alric is big. Like…BIG. The other Immortals call him “the Saxon”. He’s practically as old as Rhys, but man has he been through hell. Chained underground for hundreds of years, he couldn’t die…but there wasn’t much left of him either. Not in body and not in mind.

Diana saved him in more ways than one, and since then, although their relationship hasn’t been perfect, they’ve tried to make it work because they love each other so much. But loving a damaged immortal warrior is way tougher than you think it’s going to be. Trust me, Diana found out first hand.

To make matters worse, she was attacked by a vampire who tore through her mind and sent her into a coma. Finally she awakens…but nothing is the same.

Alric and Diana may be the darkest characters in this series, but I completely fell for them both. I love Diana’s spirit and spunk, and I love Alric’s complete and utter devotion to the woman he loves.

We also meet a few new characters in Dark Immortal…and right now, yep…I’m thinking of Karnage!

Now, he was a surprise. More so than even Justice from Book 2. At least I knew that Justice was basically one of the good guys. With Karnage, I was sure I was writing just another demon, another bad guy that the hero would have to take care of…right up until I saw what he was hiding—who he was hiding—and realized he had his own story, one that was going to be hard to tell.

Karnage became an important element to the culmination of Alric and Dianas story, and in the end everyone’s lives are changed forever!