Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fool!

We're very big on April Fool's Day in my family. "The Prank" has been a long-held, much revered tradition that goes back before I was born--especially between my Grandfather and my Uncle. My Grandfather pulled something every year, and almost always got my Uncle but good. Like the year he drove up into the driveway in a brand new Caddy and said he'd won the lottery! (He'd borrowed the car from a friend)

And my Uncle tried for many years to pull one over on my Grandpa without success...until the year that he convinced the radio station my Grandfather listens to in the morning to run a sham story about how the local golf course had flooded in a freak, localized rain storm--resulting in massive trout flopping around on the green.

At the office, there's always at least one person who pulls a prank on April Fool's Day--What? Me? No...never.

Are you one for trying to fool your friends? Had any pranks pulled on you?

Have a great day! Don't let any Conficker worms wreak havoc with your computer!


Shelley Munro said...

Nah, not me. My father used to like playing tricks. They always happened when I was half asleep at some ungodly hour in the morning. That's probably why I'm not very enthused about the day. :)

Anonymous said...

My dad always did!! I actually miss them :( they weren't funny when I was younger (uh, hello, hormonal teenager? nothing was funny)
I may start up when I have kids.....

J.K. Coi said...

So, I mentioned that this is a big deal in our family, right?

Well, this is what my brother did at work today:

- Logged into all of the machines, turned on screen rotation, and rotated the screen 90dgs to the right (ctrl+alt+right_arrow).
- Put scotch tape on the bottoms of all the mice.
- Tied the up/down lever of the salespeople's chairs to the up position (so it sinks when they sit down, and comes back up when they stand up).
- Clear nail polish on the tips of all the salepeople's pens.
- At precisely 4:45 this afternoon, for one minute, every telemarketer will receive a call, lasting 3 seconds, every 2 seconds.
- All of the office chairs from the office/boardroom have been piled up in the boss' bathroom and the door squeezed shut behind them.

J.K. Coi said...

So what did I do today, you ask?
Well, let’s just say it involved asking a law student to do some research on the contractual nature of “rock paper scissors”

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome JK! I am going to have to steal some of those! :D