Friday, April 17, 2009

Words Words Words...And Reviews!

I'm struggling with my WIP. It's been very difficult to focus due to various personal issues that nobody really wants to know about, but needless to say I'm not fit for any meaningful blogging.

That having been said...I had an awesome online brainstorming session that's put me on a whole new path for my book, and I'm very excited about it!

Also, I'm very happy to say that I've been inundated with new reviews lately. The latest for Immortal Kiss is from April at Fallen Angel Reviews, who gave the book 5 Angels and a RECOMMENDED READ!

"Immortal Kiss has it all! The story is an action adventure tale with equal amounts of drama and romance thrown in. When the story first starts out the main Character, Baron, is fighting a demon. Then just a few pages later he’s fighting a vampire, which leads him to all kinds of trouble. And romance! Truthfully I was hooked at the prologue, which shows Maxine, Baron, and his brother as teenagers. Maxine is a strong, likeable character right from the start. This was my first experience reading J. K. Coi’s work and it will not be my last!"

Ashley from FAR has also given me my first official review for Dark Immortal...another 5 Angel Review!

"The third book in the Immortals series, Dark Immortal is a great addition. I have loved Alric since we were first introduced to him, and I was excited when I learned he had his book coming...I didn't expect things to turn out the way they did; it was refreshing to read a story that wasn't predictable. Dark Immortal by J. K. Coi is emotional, thrilling, sexy, and a page-turner. I didn't want it to end, and I absolutely cannot wait for the next book."

Thank you FAR, and thanks to all of you for your amazing support to date!

I'm going to keep plugging away and might not be posting as regularly as normal, but keep popping by. I have some great author interviews and guest bloggers scheduled that you don't want to miss!


Maggie Robinson said...

Fabulous reviews, Kris! I find almost daily blogging to be just too much. Funny how when I started mine, I was erupting like a volcano, now I can barely do once a week, LOL.

Shelley Munro said...

Awesome reviews, JK. Congratulations. :)

Wylie Kinson said...

YAY on the reviews!!
Boo hiss on those personal issues and I hope they get sorted soon.

Gotta say - I'm echoing Maggie's sentiment on blogging. I've run out of useful things to talk about, I guess :)