Saturday, August 29, 2009

An Update


I hope that everyone is getting ready to go back to school, or send the kids back to school, or go back to work at a school...

I can't wait to get kiddo and hubby back to school. I need to have our lives come back to some kind of normal. My schedule has been shot all through the summer, and I don't like it (especially since I didn't get a lot of vacation out of it).

But, this past week I've begun the process of forcing myself back into the writer's schedule. I get up in the morning, go online for a quick check and hello :) and then it's off to work at the EDJ--which allows me some more time for checking the email and chatting online in between reporting letters, legal research, rushing documents out to the courthouse, etc. I usually use my lunch break to get in some writing time (I average about 500 words in that hour). And then once the work day is done, and after the dinner dishes have been washed and kiddo is off to bed, I check back in online before the internet gets shut down--unplugged and everything--for the night, so I can work without feeling the lure of Twitter and other social opportunities -- although I love it so :)

This has been good for me so far. I can be very weak and take advantage of any distraction unless I don't leave myself any other choice. And this week buckling down and finding my focus has helped me to formulate a new idea for a book. I'm almost finished mapping it out and I'm VERY EXCITED about it!

I'll be giving more details as the story begins to take shape, but for now--I'm offline to keep working.

Take care!

What have you been up to? What are you working on now, whether you're a writer or you've got some other great hobby that you enjoy.


Renee said...

I'm once again revising my Highlander. This will be the last time, if it isn't done by the end of September it goes bye-bye. I've also been writing a Western. I'm almost finished with the first draft. I've made some notes on the second, and plotted out three more stories. I can't wait to get working on them.

For me, school started back up in my home. It's been rough getting them to settle down but that is always expected during the first few weeks.

Good luck on your idea, and have fun judging.

Viv Arend said...

Hey JK

I'm trying to get into the routine as well. Yes, the internet, as much as I love my online friends...

Man it can suck time!

Last year I wrote 3 stories in September: a 17, a 30K and finished 20 K on a 30K. That was -before- I got involved with a bunch of writing friends, and doing promo and ... you know.

I guess the good part is two of those stories will soon be published- one on Monday and one in October. It was worth it.

My wip is driving me nuts. I want to clean up my last years Nano, but it's soooo messy after a year of learning, I feel like throwing in the towel and just starting a new project.

I'll decide by Monday...

Melanie and Jason said...

I just have to say that I have no idea how you find time to do everything that you do and still have time to write! I'm very glad that there are fantastic authors out there who work as hard as you do - people like me LOVE the hard work and many hours you put into writing, and I hope that the few hours I spend reading & enjoying your book makes your work worthwhile :)

I'm also looking forward to getting into a routine - a new one for me, with both kids in school and hubby moving away for school! If I thought I had no time before... I hate to think what its going to be like next week!

Enjoy your long weekend!