Monday, October 26, 2009

Manic Readers

So, I was asked to do a review--not of a book this time, but of a website and its services.

Manic Readers is a website that offers book reviews, and paid advertising opportunities, but has also built a reputation for offering free services to authors in the form of page-building. By that I mean that their site allows every author to create their own page to post excerpts, interviews, pictures, and links. I thought it was great and I've always had wonderful experiences with it.

Now they've made some serious upgrades to their website and services (and I will say up front that I received a free trial membership for promising to test and report on the new site).

I understand that even on the new site, authors will still have the option of creating and maintaining free pages, but some of the added services that are now being offered will be part of a "plus" membership that you'll pay for if you want access to them (things like the chat feature, ability to add to news and contests feeds, etc.). While the price seems reasonable ($3.99/month) and the new features are really very cool, I have to admit that I don't think I'd pay it. As an author, I already pay chapter membership dues for three different organizations, pay for advertising for my books, pay conference fees, shipping fees, contest entries, etc... (the list is ridiculously long). This small cost may not seem like much, but I would probably keep taking advantage of their free services and thank them very much for them, but pass on the paid ones.

Manic Readers