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JK Coi: Welcome to MJ Fredrick today, she's got some AWESOME eye candy for you all, and a great trip down television's "hero lane" :)

My husband, 17-year-old son and I watch a lot of TV. We talk about a lot of TV, and movies. I started thinking about how women think about heroes and how men think about heroes. I talked to my husband and son about it at dinner the other night and asked what characters they find heroic. Their list:

Jack Bauer from 24. My husband said, "He jump-started his own heart with a car battery."

Dean Winchester from Supernatural. He does what he does for his family. I wonder why not Sam, since he seems more willing to help people no matter what. They both agreed Dean also had better hair ;)

Jake from Jericho. My son particularly liked the way Jake called the new mayor on his policies, daring him to shoot Emily's father. (A funny aside - this last episode, Jake drives his big old car up in front of Emily's, gets out, and my husband says, "Hey, have you seen any demons?" See, because the car is similar to Dean's car.)

Adama and Tigh from Battlestar Galactica. Both honorable men you want on your side in a fight. And did you see the finale????

Angel and Spike. I thought this was interesting. My husband said you always rooted for Spike, even when he was evil, because he was kind of like Wile E. Coyote. "I'm going to get the Slayer!" and then it would all go horribly wrong, but he'd come back for more. And Angel just because he laid it on the line. I asked them about Angel as Seeley Booth on Bones, but while they like him, they don't see him as particularly heroic.

Peter Petrelli from Heroes, who they call "The Floater." Because even though he doesn't have his own defined power, he's willing to risk more to save the world. They said Hiro was great, but he messed up too much.

The Lost Boys generated a lot of debate. My son likes Sawyer and Sayid, but my husband argued they're not heroic. Sawyer might do anything for Kate but not anyone else. And Sayid has that whole torture thing. So my son said Locke was heroic. My husband disagreed because Locke is not looking out for the whole group the way Jack does. And my husband pointed out that Jack is holding Ben hostage, so to speak, to help Sawyer and Kate. What will happen to him once they're gone? He's risking himself, and he's always looking for the greater good. I thought the crying might be a factor for them, but it's not.

House. I don't agree with this at all, but they both said that even though he's a jerk, he does what it takes to help people. But what he said to his supervisor about her not being a good mother just got me!

Mal from Firefly. My dh said we had to put Zoe here too, even though she's hardly a man's man! But they stood up for what they believed, no matter the cost.

They agreed none of the men from Prison Break are heroic, that the Grey's men are all whiny ("See what happens when you want men to have feelings?" my dh asked.) Not Jim from The Office or even Earl, though he always tries to make things right.

Then we moved to movies.

Han Solo and Yoda.

Indiana Jones.

John McClain from Die Hard. My dh said I should put him twice, he's that heroic.

Samwise Gamgee was without question a choice, an ordinary hobbit in extraordinary circumstances. My son added Theodin, but my husband argued that he was shamed into it.

Dumbledore. This surprised me, from my son. But he's right!

Maximus from Gladiator. Even though he extracted revenge, he wasn't just avenging his family, but Rome.

Not Wolverine, not Neo, not Aragorn. Interesting, huh?

MJ has been writing forever. In elementary school, she wrote plays and pseudo-Trixie Belden mysteries. After fifth grade, she wrote her first romance, a Grease rip-off. She continued writing serialized stories throughout high school, then went to college and got married. After completing 20 manuscripts, her first two books were out within two weeks of each other, and both have firefighter heroes! Where There's Smoke is in print from The Wild Rose Press, and Hot Shot, a romantic suspense, from Samhain Publishing has just been released in print. MJ also has a Wayback Texas story from The Wild Rose Press in ebook and an essay in In the Hunt, Unauthorized Essays on Supernatural, available March 2009. Her next book, Beneath the Surface, her 2007 Golden Heart finalist, will be coming from Samhain in September 2009. Visit MJ at and


MJFredrick said...

Thanks so much for having me today, J.K.! I hope your readers enjoy my post.

Did anyone see LOST last night? I think it proved out my dh's theory!

Michele said...

Great post, lovely photos.

About 'Prison Break'- I believe both brothers had heroic qualities in terms of intentions but not in execution. For example, Michael breaks Linc out but in order to do that he has to lie and hurt people he has come to care about.

I think one thing that comes up with heroes is an ability to sacrifice. And by that I mean a willingness to sacrifice not only their own lives, but also their freedom and happiness.

Shelley Munro said...

This is a great list and I pretty much agree with all the choices, apart from House. House is not heroic in my book. I watched Die Hard on TV not long ago. Definitely twice on the list. I went around for a few days doing quotes and driving hubby nuts. :)

Natasha said...

This is a great list! LOVE the eye candy :D
Oh Dean, I love Dean. Sam, I don't like. Dean, I am pretty sure I tell him that I love him every episode that I watch. My husband just rolls his eyes.

MJFredrick said...

Sacrifice....I think that's perfectly right. Dean, for example, sacrifices for his family. Jack Bauer for his country. And both Winchesters sacrifice their happiness for the greater good.

Shelley, I'm not crazy about House, either, but the guys declared it, so I included it :)

Natasha, poor Dean, right? How can he get any lower right now??? Sam is scaring me. How dark will he go?

Anonymous said...

angel and spike are so cute.i like spike's australian accsent.

Anonymous said...

angel and spike are so cute.