Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hello everyone, its me again, Bobby Ozuna. If you missed my original post on November 21st, you can read it here. I also had the priviledge of interviewing JK on my Internet radio show, The Soul of Humanity last week. You can listen to the rebroadcast here. Simply click the mis-spelling of JK's name. (Sorry people, that is being fixed).

Well where do I begin? I felt so free to talk the last time I was presented as a guest author on this blog. I am an author (duh); my first book Proud Souls was independently published in July of 2007. It has been an exciting and daunting journey of struggle, trial-and-error, and feelings of accomplishment. The hardest thing I have ever done in my life--and I have done a lot people--is dare to persue my dream. It has costs me hours of lost sleep, support from those who once proclaimed to love and believe in me, time and lots and lots of money. I wouldn't trade it however for anything. The struggle is what makes

I am working on a new story right now, one that I haven't actually shared with anyone but a few select people. But being my friend JK writes urban fantasy, and her fans appreciate that genre, then maybe now is as good a time as any to share a bit more about this story I have entitled: Borders. And yes, it is indeed a hopeless romance...

Borders follows a man by the name of Warner Roberts and his struggles to become the next great American author. When we meet him early in the story, he is just about to give a live exclusive television interview. He is pushed into answering a question about his life and his choice of home (city where he lives) and he sort of flips out, looking in the camera and declaring to the world [that] he only lives there because the love of his life lives within the city, within her borders. He goes on to say he is waiting on her to come back to him. She is the reason he has become the rebellious and reclusive author...the reason why "...he worked his way up the ranks with vigor and contempt, passion for the arts and hatred for the laws that determined who was rewarded for their efforts and who was disregarded." He is something of a playboy, flamboyant and arrogant but subtle and romantic enough to maintain his 'I love you and now I don't love you' attitude. Needless, Warner throws one of his fits, walks off the interview on live television, finds a young girl on his way out of the studio and plants a long, deep wet kiss on her lips before telling everyone to kiss his backside.

From there we are thrown back four years to the day Warner Roberts met Kimberly Ann Reynolds, or as the world would come to know her: Kay Reynolds, the new superstar of literary romance. They meet one day and stars collide and the power of the universe begins its tug-of-war with their souls and their hearts. She is reluctant to love, probably why she writes romance. It is her escape from the burden of her mundane love life with (the lame) Lane McGregor she meets her soul make, Warner Roberts. The time they spend together is short-lived but passionate and real. They make love for hours on hours over the course of a week. He knows she is the one as does she. And despite his reluctance to settle down with one woman (as for him, there are just so many others to choose from), he takes a chance on winning her heart. But for reasons we don't truly comprehend (nor her for that matter) Kay Reynolds pushes him away every time he gets close to her.

She thinks of him but being so strong in her belief of gaining success as an author, she makes it hard for him to "fit within her schedule." He is more laid back, doesn't care for a watch and kind of "rides the waves where the wind will take him." She comes from a more well-to-do family and he is broke, at least in the early parts of the story. He does become a premier book coach as the story progresses, making money when he can helping others find success as authors. He is a good looking man and he is also a fighter. He spars with local boxers to get extra cash and lives a very private, secluded poor lifestyle. You wouldn't know by how he carries himself but he does. It's the reason why Kay never sees his home. He is always ashamed and worried she will find another reason to stay away from him.

Anyhow, years later as they go through this emotional battle of love and she gets engaged and he finds many woman to replace the sexual void in his life. He keeps up with her life online and she avoids him at all cost. He becomes a very reputable speaker and book coach, travling the US making appearances on television, radio and online, helping others with expertise and insight into the world of books and all things related. Then, like a bad dream, she comes knocking on the door to his office (which happens to be his studio apartment). She offers him more money than any other client--being she has become a very successful and very rich author--to help with another book. He has no choice but to take the money and the job. This helps her keep the relationship professional and it tears at his soul and his heart everyday. He can never truly understand what she wants from him and why, after knowing he loves her dearly, she keeps returning just to run away.

I can't say what else will occur as I don't want to give too much away, but for the most part, you get the premise of the story. I have always been a hopeless romantic myself. I think it comes with the territory of being creative and witty. It goes with being a dreamer. We suffer more for it, but we come up with some really good stories to tell later...stories we live through because we can't have that type of love in our life.

Apart from that people, I still work to push Proud Souls, one reader at a time. It's a long ladder and my pace has been slow. It hasn't been my intent however, I have pushed harder than most people I know but at the end of the day, it's just the way it goes sometimes. I suppose it isn't in the books for everyone who wants to be successful as an author, to indeed become just that. I have my own Internet Radio Show: The Soul of Humanity, where I feature a new guest every week and we stream LIVE over the WWW and discuss the ladder of success and the journey towards seeing your dreams become a reality.

It has been my pleasure to be here... I will answer your questions and elaborate enough to make the world fall in love with me and in one swoop, almost tear it back down again... for that... in a nutshell... is Bobby Ozuna...


J.K. Coi said...

Borders sounds like a very emotional journey, both for your characters and yourself. Good luck with it! And good luck with your radio show. It enjoyed being a guest. :)

Bobby Ozuna said...

Hey JK.. sorry so late to respond, but I have been busy and out of town...but I am back!!! It was truly wonderful having you on the show... I hope we can do a follow-up interview one day!!!

Thanks for the posting!