Monday, January 26, 2009


Thanks so much for having me on your blog. My book Asmodeus released from Samhain Publishing on January 13, 2009. Asmodeus is my second book published with Samhain.

Most readers ask me where I get my ideas for my books. I’ve always been interested in religion, especially the lost books of the bible. It was in the Book of Enoch that I found the basis for my fallen angels. In the book of Enoch we are introduced to a group of demons who fell from grace and had sex with human women. Their coupling produced a race of giants, and from there we have the Flood - which purified the world from the evil that had taken over. My demons - most of them - seek redemption. If they choose to put someone's life above their own - a completely unselfish gesture - then they pass the test (usually given by an angel) and are included in the book of life once again. Some are given access to Heaven and others are not. It depends on the demon and their past transgressions. To me there is no greater emotion than love. Even the nastiest villain loves someone (or something).

In Azazel we meet a demon who is from the First Angelic Revolt, and in Asmodeus we’re introduced to a demon from the Second Angelic Revolt. Their past transgressions made them who they are, but it’s the love of a woman that changes both demons forever.


Being an aspiring witch is daunting business…

When Brianna Claxton accidentally summons a demon, she is forced to face her mistake head-on. That becomes problematic when her mistake comes in the form of a hot, ancient demon named Asmodeus who refuses to go back to the hell from which she summoned him.

Thoughts of revenge have kept him sane…

Asmodeus is leader of the Rebel Watchers, angels who fell from grace out of lust for human women. He had been subjected to the Abyss, tortured in a virtual Hell in Heaven, until the careless mistake of a human witch released him from the fires. Now faced with temptations of the flesh by the sexy witch who summoned him, he tries convincing himself that embarking on a relationship with Brianna would be a mistake of biblical proportions.

Two lives hang in the balance…

Just when things start heating up, four Death Angels give her a mission: Use her powers to kill him…or face the Abyss herself. Gaining his trust is the key—except the closer she gets, the more he reveals the man he is, not the demon she thought him to be.

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Being dominated was her secret desire…

Alexia has no complaints about her job as an assassin in the Alliance, battling rogue vampires and demons. However, on a personal level, she has hit a sexual hiatus. Men from every race, every continent and every skill level have tried to bring her down—and turn her on. All have failed. Until a man with a body made of sin stirs her blood for the first time in over two hundred years.

Azazel, a demon of the First Angelic Revolt, is one of Lucifer’s most prominent—and dominant—assassins. His current mission leads him to Alexia, a fighter like himself who lives in the moment with no promise of tomorrow. A sexy vampire assassin whose secret sexual desire is a perfect match for his…skills.

His decision to give her exactly what she wants leaves them both hungry for more. But to delve into desires that might be best left unexplored, they’ll have to overcome a pack of rogue demons—and possibly Satan himself.

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J.K. Coi said...

Hi Dawn, thank you for joining me on the blog today!

I'm really intrigued by this premise and can't wait to read Azazel and Asmodeus. It's interesting also that you found your ideas in religion. Oddly enough, I think that a lot of us UF/Para writers find inspiration in some of the tales of the bible and from other religions. I know the idea for the background of my demons in the Immortals series came from old testament stuff.

Kimber Chin said...

These books sound like they sizzle! Sexy demons, yum. I love the names too!

Natasha said...

Thanks so much! I have added these to my list!! And JK! Thanks for hosting these...I love these Guest posts! :D

Karin said...

Both books sound like great reads. I liked the idea of using lost books of the Bible as the basis for the stories. I can't wait to read them!

Dawn McClure said...

J.K Coi - Thanks again for having me on your blog. :) I hope you enjoy Azazel and Asmodeus.

Kimber - Thanks so much! Yes, the names are fun, aren't they?

Natasha - Thanks! I hope you enjoy reading Azazel and Asmodeus.


Liz Pelletier said...

Hey, Dawn! I've read all your books so far and LOVE them! You're definitely becoming one of my fave authors. Azazel was hysterical! Of course, you had me on the first page when you put Lucifer in a wife-beater! LOL! And I'm pretty sure this is the first time a Ricky Martin-look-alike was the hero! Totally rocks! Asmodeus is on my TBR list. Are any of the characters in Asmodeus as funny as the characters in Azazel? I laughed out loud many times.

Dawn McClure said...

Hi Liz...Hmmm, I think Azazel is a little more funny than Asmodeus. Asmodeus has its moments though. The heroine, Brianna, is given a mission to kill the hero, Asmodeus, by four Death Angels. She's an aspiring witch, so she can by funny with her mistakes at times. :) Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed Azazel.

Anonymous said...

Hey Liz, I purchased Asmodeus after reading Azazel and loved both but found Asmodeus a fun and at times a very funny read so get busy girl.

I am now waiting for her next book, She is becoming one of my favs also.

Dawn McClure said... glad you enjoyed my books. :o) I'm working on a story for Jade now, one of the characters in Azazel. Have a wonderful week. :o)

Dawn Chartier said...

Dawn M. -

Your an automatic buy for me!
Love your stories...
Dawn C.