Saturday, January 03, 2009

I don't really have anything exciting today. It's a new year, and I want to work more productively, and spend more time with family. So far, that means a relaxing day at home playing Wii with kiddo. I've also been making quite a bit of headway with my new book, and I'm very rezzed about it. I love love love Gideon. He's my favourite hero to date, probably because he doesn't take himself too seriously, and he's very genuine with such a good, true heart--all hidden behind the soul of a scientist.

Lyssa, on the other hand, is such a survivor. I love that although she's had to be strong and tough, and although she's been through hell--literally--she can still let her guard down enough to be soft and feminine when the time is right. She can still find reasons for laughter and she can still see that there is good in the world.

So, I'll see you again soon. I have another fabulous guest visiting on Jan. 5. Join me here for author Christine D'Abo, whose new release All Bottled Up, is coming soon from Samhain!

Oh, and hop over to for a special interview with Maxine, the heroine from my book Immortal Kiss.


Ok, I lied. I have something very exciting today!! Check out my awesome new video, courtesy of Julie at Scrapfairy Designs!


Wylie Kinson said...

Glad to hear you're zipping along with your writing. Wish I could say the same, but everything 'writerly' has come to a grinding halt over this holiday season.
(oops, did I think that outloud?) LOL

Nice video, but I had to watch it with the sound off so not to wake sleeping hubby beside me. I'll have to view it again in the morning.

Happy writing! :)

J.K. Coi said...

Thank you my dear, but alas, I spoke too soon. Even now I battle with myself--how can I have distractions at 1:30 in the morning?

Elyssa Papa said...

I love the trailer! It's so awesome and really has the feel of your series down. And yay on the writing font.

Margay said...

Love the video! I want to hand-pick some of those men myself!

Shelley Munro said...

I really liked the video, JK. Very stylish. I'm zipping along with my writing, too. :)

J.K. Coi said...

Thanks Ely and Margay!

J.K. Coi said...

That's awesome, Shelley!

Tempest Knight said...

Ooooh... nice video! :D